Um?I heard that people who eat too much pumpkin will be crazy

After reading this topic, will you have a question? Anyway, when I think of this paragraph, I can’t help laughing.

This is a true story from her sister.

When I went back to a family party, I said that my ears were not very good recently. Sometimes I met and saw the leader talking opposite. I could hear the sound and I couldn’t hear what I said.Sometimes when talking to colleagues couldn’t hear clearly, I was embarrassed to make up too much to others, and always loved to the left side, because the right ear couldn’t hear clearly, and the resolution was not high.

The sister -in -law said that there are similar problems. I often can’t hear the words. When you ask him about answering things, you always can’t help but make people laugh and laugh.

Then the younger sister said something she had experienced, causing our family to laugh at her abdomen, and she couldn’t stop.

She said that one day in the cafeteria had breakfast, the staff of their department sat together. The breakfast was very rich.

People who took the steamed pumpkin asked those who didn’t take it and said, why don’t you take pumpkin, don’t you like it?

People who did not take steaming pumpkin answered, eat less, I heard that people who eat too much pumpkin will be crazy.

The sister looked at everyone curiously. Everyone was calm and eating while chatting.

She was full of doubts, thinking that from a young age, she never heard of pumpkin and she would be mad. When did this be studied?

Back in the office, she was still thinking about this question while working, so she couldn’t help asking her colleagues. As a result, she just fell, and the whole office was frying …

The colleagues laughed back and back, and some smiled with their stomachs, and some laughed with tears.

She said puzzled, what’s funny?After eating pumpkin for a lifetime, I only know that I can be full and I have never heard of it!

The colleagues were softened and died.

Later, someone smiled and said, I heard that there are too many people in pumpkin ~ Kai ~ Huang!

While the whole family was hilarious, they all realized a severe problem, and our brothers and sisters had three ears to varying degrees.

Since childhood, deafness has been deeply appreciated.

Grandpa is a kind old man. Because of his deafness, he is even more kind. No matter what you say, he nods with a smile.

At his father, he not only inherited a good word from Grandpa, but also inherited deafness.Since the age of sixty years old, the ears are not good. With a hearing aid, it is nine years old. A few days ago, I spent another new one.

Dad said that the old -fashioned hearing device was no longer possible. Sometimes when others couldn’t hear, he nodded.

Therefore, Dad is also a very kind old man now. When he sees someone, he laughs. He laughs very happy when he talks to others. Maybe he has not heard a lot of words.

In the past few days, work is very busy, so in addition to exercise after get off work, the public account will be written less. He is determined to write short essays in the future. The purpose is to want to rest early.

But lying on the bed, I couldn’t sleep. There was a sound of waves on the right ear that hit the beach, and it seemed like the call to hear the fetal heart for the first time.

I remember when I heard the child’s fetal heart after pregnancy, I was novel, excited and happy. That was the rhythm of life, that is, the most wonderful voice on the world.

But when you can’t sleep at night, the sound of the ear in the ear is the worst noise in the world.

During the day, the indoor printing, the sound of the keyboard, the sound of the current, the sound of the outdoor rain, the sound of the birds, the sound of the traffic, the sound of the sound, and the sound could not feel.

As soon as night, the pillow was like a shadow, and I fell asleep until two o’clock.

Three days in a row, this is the case that plagues me.

Accompanied the leaders to investigate this morning, returned to the hotel at noon, they went upstairs to wash my hands. When I was sitting outside and waiting for people, I suddenly heard the familiar rush.

After the egg, I heard it during the day, and I may go to the hospital to see it.(To be continued in the next part)

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