Unexpected pregnancy, is it left or stream?

Recently, the TV "Little Happy" is very popular. The drama is close to the college entrance examination. Tong Wenjie played by Hai Qing was unexpectedly pregnant.The couple are considering whether to leave this baby for various reasons.In the end, they had the courage to decide to leave this unexpected joy.

In reality, there are not a few accidental pregnancy, and they pay more attention when they are considering whether to pay more attention. Is there any factors that cause fetal malformations?

Radiation of X -ray, CT:

Many friends think that the X -ray examination of the hospital is very strong. If you do not know the pregnancy, you will have X -ray examination, which will cause fetal malformations. You must not want this baby.

Is this really true?


A lot of studies have confirmed that the adverse effects of X -rays on embryos have thresholds!

Relevant guidelines issued by the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (ACOG) pointed out that the impact and risk of X -ray radiation on the fetus mainly depends on two factors: (1) fetal age; (2) ray dose.

Different fetal age will correspond to different ray safety doses.

At 0-2 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 50-100MSV (Missifer), which can cause fetal death;

At 2-8 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 200msv (Missifer), which can cause the fetal congenital malformation;

At 8-15 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of teratogenic dosage is: 60-310MSV (Missifer), which mainly affects fetal intelligence and malformations;

At 16-25 weeks of pregnancy, the threshold of the teratogenic dose is: 250-280MSV (Nissif), which mainly affects intelligence.

Summary: In all fetal age, the minimum effect on dose threshold is: 50MSV (Missifer).That is to say, as long as the dose of the ray does not exceed 50msv (Nissis), it will not cause damage to the fetus.

The question is: How big is the amount of ray and CT in the hospital?

Although the radiation dose of X -ray and CT in different hospitals will change slightly, the change is very small.

Under normal circumstances:

A normal chest tablet: 0.02msv

A knee X -ray: 0.005msv

A ordinary dental tablet: 0.01msv

One head CT: 2msv

One chest CT: 8msv

Obviously, these doses are far lower than 50msv.

If you want to reach 50msv, you have to take 2500 chest slices in a row, and even the most radiated CT must be done 6 times.

Who would do it like this?Intersection

So: In the absence of knowledge or unknown, X -rays or CT examinations will not affect the fetus.What I remind everyone is to listen to the suggestions of professionals, every life is precious, don’t give up easily.

B ultrasound radiation:

It can be seen from the above conclusions that the radiation of X -ray and CT will not affect the fetus, let alone the B -ultrasound that basically does not have radiation.


Early pregnancy is the sensitive period of drug teratogenic, but it also depends on what medicine is, the dosage and medication time are used.

Generally speaking, if the medicine is used within 4 weeks of pregnancy, the impact on the fetus is completely or none, that is, if the embryo is not abortion, it indicates that the impact of drugs on the embryo is small.

Unexpected pregnancy medicine, do not mess around.At this time, a series of prenatal diagnosis can be performed at 12 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and a series of prenatal diagnosis can be further understood to understand the growth and development of the fetus and exclude fetal malformations.

Drink a lot:

The book "Chinese Perinium Medicine" mentioned that alcohol has a clear teratogenic effect on the fetus.Pregnant women can cause fetal alcohol syndrome. Its characteristics mainly include three aspects: slow development of postpartum and postpartum, dysplasia of facial facial development (small head circumference, small eyes, post -mandarin retreat, etc.), as well as mild to moderate damage with behavioral intelligence to moderate damage to moderate damage to moderate damage to moderate damage.The main central nervous system is abnormal in the central nervous system.Studies have shown that this adverse effect on growth and development can last at least 10 years.

So if you want to leave your baby, it is recommended to communicate with the doctor to observe the development of the fetus regularly.

It is also recommended that female friends in the pregnancy preparation stage quit drinking.

Long -term smoking:

Long -term smoking has a certain impact on the fetus, which can cause the fetal palace to develop slowly, low -weight children, internal distress and neonatal suffocation and deformity.

But nothing is absolute. After consulting the doctor, if you want to leave your baby, you can also perform prenatal diagnosis. Regular check -ups and take a step.


Coffee is a necessary drink for God, which contains a lot of caffeine.Drinking coffee (6-8 cups per day) in pregnant women may increase the occurrence of natural abortion and low birth weight.

Therefore, pregnant women can still leave a baby when drinking coffee, but pay attention to the signs of abortion.

Hair dyeing:

The main component of most hair dye is organic chemicals containing benzene -containing. Due to the small molecular weight, such substances can directly enter the palace through the placenta to affect the development of the fetus, and the risk of limited growth of fetal growth will increase;

However, the impact on the fetus is also different, so whether the baby leaves the baby carefully after consulting the doctor.

In short: Pregnancy outside the plan is not a person who can decide to stay.The flow of people hurts women with great physical damage, so if possible, try to leave this little life as much as possible.

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