Unmarried and pregnant, there is milk first?IntersectionDisposal secretion of milk is carefully infertile

Xiaojia, 21, is a college student at school. In the past one year, her menstruation is not allowed to be on time. She often patronizes once every 2-3 months and has a small amount of menstruation.

What made her even more embarrassing was that one morning when she got up, she suddenly found that her breasts had a milky white transparent liquid … Is this "milk"?But he didn’t even have a boyfriend, let alone getting pregnant.

At first Xiaojia didn’t take it to heart, thinking that it would be better for a few days, but after a long time, the breast milk secretion was still existed, so she hurried to the hospital for examination.

After asking her about her situation, the doctor opened a test and examination of pelvic B -ultrasound and hypothetical hormone and nailing exercises.

Results: Lineapin (PRL): 80ng/ml, the rest are normal.

After eliminating other diseases, the doctor gave Xiaojia a diagnosis of "high prolasinemia".

Linemine (PRL) is also known as prolactin, which is a protein hormone secreted by pituitary eosinophils.It can promote the growth and development of bubble glands, milk production and postpartum milk secretion.

After childbirth, the concentration of estrogen and progesterone in the blood is greatly reduced. The PRL plays the effect of starting and maintaining lactation, and the milk will come down.At the same time, when women breastfeed, infants sucking their nipples to cause a large amount of PRL secretion, and milk sources are constantly.

The secretion of prolactin is affected by various factors.Large doses of estrogen, certain antibody amine drugs, sedatives acting on the central nervous system, and acute stress such as severe physical activity and trauma may cause increased secretion of prolactin.

Without pregnancy, milk secretion occurs as a pathological phenomenon. This disease is called "hyperdimiamia."Patients with hyperculfinemia are often accompanied by menstrual disorders in different degrees of menstrual disorders. In severe cases, they even have symptoms such as amenorrhea, hair loss, weight gain, headache, visual disorders, and external genital atrophy.

This disease accounts for about 20 % of the infertility of endocrine factors.Excessive prolactin can also cause the ovarian to lose its due ability to promote gonadotropin. As a result, estrogen and progesterone synthesis is significantly reduced, which makes estrogen that plays an important role in the surrogate process to show a low level and directly affect the nursery function.

So if the nipples are moist and secrete milk, you must go to the hospital for examination in time!If the examination is found that the prolactin increases, it must be found to let it lower, because the high prolactin can cause the estrogen hormone to be low, which can easily cause fetal stopping.

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