urgent!Pre -gardening of maternity bleeding and no nucleic acid reports, Luohu launched a green channel

At 16:05 on January 8th, a second -child quasi -mothers who were 36 weeks of pregnancy were drove by her husband and came to Shenzhen Luohu Hospital from Huizhou to request admission to the hospital.

This expectant mother was a scar uterus. At noon that day, abnormal prenatal bleeding appeared. Because she had been conducting a birth checkup at Luohu Hospital before, she had always trusted. During the epidemic, she still did not hesitate to drive from Huizhou.

Due to the sudden incident, the pregnant mother was in an urgent situation when she was in the hospital, but there was no recent nucleic acid result, and there was no recent inspection test results. In addition, the pregnant mother had symptoms of cough, sputum, nose congestion in the past 4th.° C, it is difficult to rule out the situation related to the epidemic.But in order to ensure the safety of the expectant mother and the baby in the belly, the hospital immediately opened the green channel and started the emergency plan.The obstetrics of obstetrics are isolated and protected. According to the exercise "suspected new crown patient’s transfer process", the flow tone is perfected and the new crown nucleic acid test for pregnant women is performed.

Pregnant mothers have spontaneously broken and bloody amniotic fluid before they come to hospital.During the doctor’s examination, it was found that amniotic fluid was laundry, and fetal heart monitoring also found that fetal hearts were decelerated. Ultrasonic indicating that the thickness of the placenta was increased. The doctor who was admitted was keenly judged that the pregnant mother may have an emergency in obstetrics: "placental peeling early."The obstetric team immediately launched the placenta early peeling and rescue plan, and Dr. Zheng Wenling and Dr. Gao Rui performed the pregnancy for patients to terminate the pregnancy.

With the full effort of the inspection department, B -ultrasound, anesthesiology, operating room, neonatal department, and tacit understanding, at 16:55 pm that day, the pregnant woman entered the negative pressure of negative pressure through the special channel, and Dr. Gao Rui and Zheng Wenling wereCaested section surgery.The newborns were delivered smoothly and were shocked.

Evaluated by the newborn doctor, premature babies were scored well, and transferred to the neonatal department to continue observation.During the operation, the doctor found that the mother of the maternal placenta had been stripped in advance, and the uterine cavity had a large amount of blood.Fortunately, the various departments of Luohu Hospital were seamlessly connected, cooperated with force, eventually rescued successfully, and the mother and child were safe.After surgery, the detection results of the mother’s nucleic acid have also come out, which is negative.

According to Qin Chenglu, director of obstetrics, the obstetrics and medical care of Luohu Hospital have recently participated in the anti -epidemic work such as nucleic acid testing, and also take into account the normal opening of the door and emergency department. At the same time, the management of surgery and hospitalization must be done.On January 8th, the obstetrician also looked for treatment for a healthy code for a healthy code.While medical care, while protecting and ensuring the prevention and control of the hospital, it ensures the safety of pregnant women.

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