Urinary urination during pregnancy is "taboo"!4 tricks to help you deal with frequent dilemma of pregnancy and urine!

"Sleeping for two hours, you will get up once, it will be trapped."

"I dare not laugh at all, I’m afraid I will laughed and" urine ‘"

"Frequent urination, I feel that I should wear urine."


This kind of urine is eloquent, expectant mothers should feel the same.In addition to frequent urination, you may also find that the time to urinate is longer than usual, making you feel worried: Should this be sick?

Frequent urination is actually one of the common phenomena during pregnancy

Specific mothers often have frequent urination from early pregnancy, and it will not ease until the third month of pregnancy.This is because the uterus increases to the bladder, which causes urine. After the uterus expands to the pelvic cavity, the bladder is not compressed, and the frequent urination will be relieved.

But in the last two months of pregnancy, due to the decline in the increase in the uterus, expectant mothers may have to run to the toilet again!

After pregnancy, expectant mothers can easily feel thirsty, and constantly replenish water, which is also one of the reasons for frequent urination.

have to be aware of is

Urinary tract infection also has symptoms of frequent urination and urgency, and urinary tract infection is a common complication during pregnancy.If the expectant mother feels other discomfort, she should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Don’t simply think that it is a frequent urination of physiological.

The frequent urine is embarrassing and annoying, how can we "control"?

Frequent urination often makes the expectant mothers in the workplace encounter embarrassment. For example: open for two hours, run to the toilet for three or four times, sneezing, cough are worried about "urine, burst" …

To deal with this embarrassing situation, many expectant mothers think of: urination+less water.

But in fact, these two methods are not desirable!

Mother, you want to urinate if you want to urinate

Although pregnant women have no direct impact on the fetus, it is a harm to themselves.

On the one hand, urination can also increase the burden on the kidneys, which is more stressful for expectant mothers who have a heavy kidney burden itself. On the other hand, continuous filling urine will increase the bladder.Normal function of the bladder.

Momsmate can’t drink less water

Pinded water is too important for you and fetal baby!The supply of amniotic fluid and metabolism of the fetus requires a lot of water to participate in order to complete it. Drinking more water can make the skin of pregnant women smoother, reduce constipation, urinate more, and reduce the possibility of urethral infection.

Therefore, pregnant women must not drink less water, and at least 1.5-1.7L of water per day (this includes water intake in various forms of boiling water, soup, milk, etc.).

You can simply allocate 8 cups of water a day, about 230-250ml per cup, and drink a cup every two hours during the day.In order to avoid frequent nights to affect sleep at night, it is best not to drink too much water within 1-2 hours before going to bed.

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