Urine routine examination, there is an additional number of urine sugar?Which one is more serious in diaper 1+ and diaper 4+?

A symptom manifestation of urine sugar is not a disease in the body clinically. It is not a disease. Clinically, it can cause the type of disease of urine sugar. Common diabetic renal dysfunction and renal dysfunction are needed. Patients need special blood glucose detection of renal function.The laboratory or imaging examination, as well as the urine test to determine the corresponding lesions, and then take targeted treatment measures to avoid misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis. Which is more serious for urine sugar 1+ and diaper 4+?Or is it serious about urine sugar 4+?The general problem is here that Director Fan Hui of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital answered the answer.

If it is 1+ after meals, it is not serious, but if it is positive for fasting urine, you need to further check whether there are diabetes.Normal people are excreted in glucose every day. Because of the less content, they cannot respond to the testing test. However, when the urine sugar exceeds 0.83 mmol/L per day, the urine sugar is positive, and the higher the blood sugar level.EssenceBut sometimes blood sugar and urine sugar have no parallel relationship. Many kidneys have problems. Although blood sugar is normal, diabetes can also occur.

In the routine urine examination, the urine sugar logo is added from the negative to four plus, and the urine sugar 4+ indicates that the urine sugar and the patient’s blood glucose reaches a high level. However, the examination is a qualitative examination, which cannot accurately reflect the quantitative situation.When detecting urine sugar, if the result of urine sugar is positive, blood sugar testing and other biochemical indicators need to be performed to further clarify the severity of the patient’s disease.

If the urine sugar test is 4+ in life, it means that the patient’s condition is more serious. The blood sugar content in the body has reached a very high value, and corresponding diabetes is required in time.

At the same time, it is recommended that patients conduct a whole body examination to determine whether diabetes causes corresponding complications, such as whether to cause diabetic foot and diabetic renal function damage, and liver and kidney damage of diabetes.If the corresponding complications are found, targeted treatment is required to avoid endangering the health of the patient.If the test results are 1+, it means that the patient’s condition is relatively mild, and the symptoms can be effectively improved through regular treatment methods.

Normal people have few urine sugar, and general methods cannot be measured, so normal human urine sugar should be negative.So how much is diabetes for diabetes?In normal people, only when blood sugar exceeds 160 to 180 mg/dl, can sugar be discharged more from the urine and formed urine sugar.

Therefore, the height of blood glucose determines whether the urine sugar is: blood glucose is 180 to 200 mg/dl, and urine sugar should be ±; blood glucose is 200-250 mg/dl, and urine sugar should be+; blood sugar is 250-300mg/dl,The urinary sugar should be ++; the blood glucose is 300 ~ 350 mg/dl, and the urine should be +++; the blood glucose is higher than 350 mg/dl, and the urine sugar should be ++++.


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