Use iPhone to monitor women’s menstrual pregnancy

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Today is the March 8th Girls’ Day. First of all, I wish all girls a happy holiday ~ You must take care of your health in your daily life ~

Therefore, this article editor (Fan Fan House) and the sisters want to share how to use the iPhone in their hands to track our menstrual period, so that women’s physiological health has more effective attention.

Open the mobile phone -Healthy APP, this is the software that comes with iPhone and does not need to be downloaded.

After opening it, there is a display page display. Click on the lower right corner -browse -menstrual tracking, you can detect menstruation and pregnancy, menstrual timeline, menstrual logs, and can also record on the Apple Watch.Just it’s all a fool -like operation ~


If there are sisters who are preparing for pregnancy, you can open your pregnancy forecast to record your ovulation period and let you worry about it ~


In the menstrual logs, the menstrual volume and symptoms can be recorded at the period (such as abdominal colic, diarrhea, trendy, etc.)


The solid red is the menstrual time of the record.

Light red red indicates that the menstruation prediction is predicted according to your bleeding probability.

Purple small dots represent the symptoms during menstruation, such as headache, abdominal colic, diarrhea, etc.

Light blue indicates predicting the pregnancy window.


After recording, you can be more convenient to know your health. You should make accurate judgments in a timely manner according to the specific situation of your individual, and then treat it.There are the following reasons for irregular menstruation:

First, endocrine disorders are caused by tense mood and excessive stress, often depression, depression or irritability will affect endocrine and cause abnormal menstruation.

Second, the organic lesions of reproductive organs, such as the common changes or typical hyperplasia of uterine fibroids, uterine adenomia, endometrium polyps, orpirin endometrium.

Third, abnormal ovulation function, leading to more common diseases in ovulation function include polycystic ovary syndrome, abnormal thyroid function, excessive weight or overweight, and hyperdimiamia, etc., can cause irregular menstruation.


Pay attention to some taboos of diet during menstruation:

Contraindications: salty food.

Women should avoid salty food before menstruation.Salt food will increase the salt and moisture storage in the body. Before menstruation, progestin increases, and it is easy to cause edema and headaches.Eat low -salt food 10 days before menstruation, there will be no symptoms.

Taboo 2: Qi -containing drinks.

There are many women who like to drink gas -containing beverages, which will appear fatigue and weakness during menstruation. This is a lack of iron.Because most drinks such as soda contain phosphate, the iron in the body produces chemical reactions, making it difficult for iron to absorb.In addition, multi -drinking vapor water will reduce the digestive ability and sterilization of gastric acid due to sodium bicarbonate and gastric juice in soda, and affect appetite.

Taboo three: irritating food.

Eating irritating foods can make women during menstruation particularly fatigue, weaken the digestive function, and have no appetite. Therefore, pay attention to the lightness and easy digestion and absorption of food in the diet to avoid eating sour and irritating foods, such as hawthorn, Sauerkraut, vinegar, pepper, mustard, pepper, etc.

During the menstruation, it should be eaten light, flat, and nutritious substances. It is not advisable to eat hot and spicy foods, so as not to stimulate blood vessel dilation, causing menstruation advance and excessive menstruation.Women of menstruation should not eat spicy and irritating foods, otherwise it will easily lead to dysmenorrhea and excessive blood.

Taboo four: tobacco and alcohol.

Tobacco and alcohol such as tobacco and alcohol also have a certain impact on menstruation. If you do not pay attention to avoid these adverse stimuli, dysmenorrhea or menstrual disorders will occur in the long run.

Taboo 5: Raw cold food.

Eating raw cold food during menstruation will not only cause dysmenorrhea but also cause damage to the body.In addition, cold foods such as crab, field snails, bamboo shoots, etc. should not be eaten.

Taboo 6: cheese food.

Eating cheese food and cheese is the source of dysmenorrhea.Foods such as milk, cheese, cream, yeast, eggs, eggs, etc. can destroy the absorption of magnesium and cause dysmenorrhea.

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