Vaginitis during pregnancy also needs to be treated

From 40 days of pregnancy, Nana has wrapped her in gynecological inflammation. Often it is either vulva itching or more leucorrhea. Because I have had a history of miscarriage before, I was particularly nervous.Today, I ’ll ask the vagina again. Not only is itchy secretions, can it be used?

There are many types of gynecological inflammation. Not every kind of gynecological inflammation can cause abortion. Of course, some gynecological inflammation can indeed cause miscarriage. Gynecological inflammation during pregnancy is mainly vaginitis. The vaginitis we call generally includes included vaginalitis.Vulvaritis, vaginitis, cervicitis, etc.The pathogens that cause inflammation include a variety of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and raw worms.Vaginitis during pregnancy not only endangers pregnant moms, but also endangers fetal and newborn, so it is necessary to actively prevent and treat it.

Vaginitis clinically changes in leucorrhea traits, vulvar itching and burning pain are the main clinical characteristics. Sexual intercourse pain is also common. When infection, it may have symptoms such as dysuria and urgency.Vaginal inflammation during pregnancy is also divided into three types: fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginal disease and trichomonas vaginitis.Different types of vaginitis have different symptoms and different treatment.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginal disease: The leucorrhea is thin, it is gray -white, grayish yellow or milky yellow, with a special fishy smell and itching of the vulva.

Metronidazole vaginal embolism can be used for external use for 10 days.

Symptoms of fungal vaginitis: The vulva has obvious itching and burning sensation. The leucorrhea is thicker white or yellow -white condensed milk or tofu -like; the vaginal wall is often congested.Sometimes there are frequent urination and pain.

Kenitin suppositories can be treated with local treatment, and local treatment can also be used in the middle and late pregnancy.If the vulvar itching is severe, do not scratch or scrub it with scalded water.

Trichomonas vaginitis symptoms: increased leucorrhea is purulent foam and itching of vulva; when the urinary system is infected, it causes dysuria, frequent urination, and even hematuria.You can also use vaginal suppository such as metronidazole. After cleaning the vulva before going to bed every night, one is placed in a depth of the vagina, and the 10th is a course of treatment.

Doctor Chen, can it be treated?

Nana, inflammation is not treated in time. In addition to the spread and cross -infection of inflammation in various physiological parts, it will also bring a lot of complications, which will cause the body to be in the infringing environment for a long time.The system will have adverse effects.

Since you are already pregnant, you should not have any psychological burden. If you have gynecological inflammation, do not use the medicine yourself. Instead, you should take the medicine correctly under the guidance of a doctor, review regularly, and complete all the treatment for treatment to cure.Do not abandon halfway.

Reasonable use of antibiotics, routine leucorrhea or bacterial culture, find the cause of disease, reduce the possibility of recurrence, and choose antibiotics or vaginal suppository treatment according to pathogen.

At the same time, adjust the diet structure and eat more vitamin -rich foods.Try to eat less beef and mutton and spicy food during the illness, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of itching, develop good personal hygiene habits, keep the lower body clean and dry, and try not to scratch your lower body.Change the underwear daily, your own underwear needs to be cleaned separately.

Knowing it, I took a leucorrhea test immediately, please give me a medicine.

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