Valentine’s Day romantic night, 24 -year -old girl completely lost the ability to be a mother … Do not forget to contraception today

Today is Valentine’s Day on February 14.

Every year, the sunny March is often gray in the eyes of obstetrics and gynecologists.Because Valentine’s Day is just over, obstetrics and gynecology usually ushered in the peak of abortion surgery.


Valentine’s Day romantic night

Make a 24 -year -old girl lose the ability to become a mother

Every year on Valentine’s Day, watching the young girl holding red roses, the couple embraced each other happily, and Wuhan girl Yang Yan (pseudonym) felt more and more bitter. At the age of 24, she had lost the ability to be a mother.

It was on Valentine’s Day. Yang Yan spent the romance overnight with her boyfriend who had been in love for 3 years. Because she had a safe period before, she never thought she would be pregnant.

It wasn’t until mid -March that she suddenly fainted her stomach and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment by her family to learn that her ectopic pregnancy was learned. She had already done her 4 times before. This unexpected pregnancy made her lose her fertility completely.

According to the data of the Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital in the past year, there will be a wave of peaks of people in March each year, most of which are young women around 20-30 years old.This situation also appeared in the obstetrics and gynecology department of other hospitals.Among the artificial abortion women, there are more than half of the non -breeders, which laid certain hidden dangers for their future fertility.


The number of abortion in my country last year reached about 9 million cases

Unmarried teenagers account for 40%of the total!

Recently, the China Family Planning Association released the work point of 2022, and proposed that the special operations of artificial abortion intervention of unmarried people will be carried out to reduce the unexpected pregnancy and artificial abortion, and improve the health level of the masses.

According to data from the National Health and Health Commission, a professor of the School of Social and Population, Renmin University of China, the number of abortion in my country last year reached about 9 million cases, and the birth population was 10.62 million."The difference between the number of abortion and the number of birth population is already small."

According to Wang Pei’an, deputy director of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Wang Pei’an, secretary of the Party Group and Executive Vice President of the China Family Planning Association, adolescents have become one of the main people of artificial abortion.In my country, unmarried teenagers have nearly 4 million abortion each year, accounting for 40%of the total number of abortion, of which 19%have multiple abortion experiences.


Painless and harmless

It is an irregular bomb buried in the body

"Being a flow of people today, I will go to work tomorrow", "Safe, protecting the palace, zero damage" … These painless abortion advertisements make many people think that "painless abortion" is to sleep and wake up as simple as sleeping.

However, painlessness is harmless!

Artificial abortion is seriously damaged to women’s health and fertility, which may cause complications such as fallopian tube obstruction, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometriosis.The risk of infertility is higher.

Even if women who have artificial flow, especially artificial abortion, even if they are pregnant, they will increase the risk of natural miscarriage, premature birth, abnormal placenta, and low -weight children, which will endanger the safety of mothers and infants.

In fact, the so -called "painlessness" is just because of anesthesia and painless surgery. Its damage is not small at all.

The former Deputy Director of the Hystellar Capital Center of Beijing Fuxing Hospital, Zheng Jie, said in an interview with "News 1+1" in 2015 that some women had thought of doing painless people and spent a thousand dollars.But in fact she didn’t know that when surgery, the cerebral cortex was suppressed, but it would destroy deeper endometrium, so the painless abortion was actually a black hand behind many uterine adhesion.

Dr. Zheng Jie bluntly stated that in his own clinic, more than two or three times, there are very young female patients, because they have completely lost their ability to be mothers, the endometrium has been destroyed, and they cannot recover after the operation.Both faint.

"Repeated abortion in a short period of time is an important factor that leads to uterine injury."Han Shiyu, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University, stated in an interview that usually doctors cannot see the uterine cavity during abortion surgery, which is "blind operation."During the operation, the instrument entering the direction is inconsistent with the uterine curvature, or excessive force, etc., can cause uterine injuries and even perforation.

The number of abortion is also proportional to the chance of infertility.Wang Yulin, Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, said in an interview that artificial abortion is likely to cause pelvic attachmentitis. Once the lesion develops to a certain extent, the fallopian tube is blocked after inflammation, and infertility occurs.


Young people, to build the concept of active contraception

In addition, can abortion really "do the flow of people today, work tomorrow"?

Of course impossible.

Although the flow of people does not need to be operated or hospitalized, the less surgery does not mean that there is no danger. The postoperative rest has a vital role in restoring.

After finishing the abortion surgery, you need to rest for 2-3 days in bed. It can only be in the same room after the menstruation is restored in about 14-20 days, and you can get pregnant after March to June!

However, a search on the Internet found that there are still many people who think that they will not get pregnant within 20 days after the end of artificial abortion, and take the opportunity to "have nothing to do."

According to@, a 23 -year -old girl, the flow of people in the morning, was forced to the same room by her boyfriend in the afternoon. During the process, abdominal pain was unbearable. She suddenly fainted on the bed and sent the girl to the hospital for rescue.A life.

In short, girls must learn to protect themselves, don’t be stupid, believe in the ghosts of those men with lightly described and irresponsible men.

In fact, these damage can be avoided, and the best solution is——–

In contraception!

We must establish the concept of active contraception, especially young people, which can not only reduce the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, but also reduce the occurrence of unwilling pregnancy.

Professor Li Jian, chief physician of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, pointed out in an interview with Health Times in 2017.

For couples or couples who have not planned to have for a long time, they use uterine -saving appliances (commonly known as internal ring), subcutaneous buried implants, compound short -acting oral contraceptives, and correct use of condoms.

For men, "I can’t get in", "In vitro ejaculation, I will not get pregnant", "The first seven and eight are absolutely safe" … Don’t believe this kind of "ghost words"!

In particular, it should be noted that emergency contraceptives cannot be taken frequently. It is best not to take more than two times within one year. Do not rely on taking emergency contraceptives as daily contraceptives!


be safe

Do not turn the holiday "robbery day"

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