Valentine’s Day

Author: Jilianmei

When I used to work in the hospital’s pharmacy, almost the first morning after the Valentine’s Day every year, I will receive a call from the "emergency contraceptive".It is really appropriate to call such drugs "Morning after Pill".

As a woman, although I often call on men to "wear a sleeve if they love her", men who think of the lower body will inevitably forget that they forget their senses because of passion, and it will inevitably encounter contraceptives when they are not able to break or slip off.When failed.

Once these situations occur, you need to take emergency contraceptives as soon as possible.For specific methods and precautions, we have summarized and hand -drawn it in the figure below.Please collect this picture to prepare from time to time.

At the same time, I also shared the two consultation questions often received on the pharmacist platform with everyone.

Q: Can emergency contraceptives take it frequently?

A: It is not recommended to take emergency contraceptives frequently.

Emergency contraceptives are options after failure or other contraceptive methods.

The emergency contraceptive brands commonly used in my country include Yuting, Baosting, etc., which contains several times higher progesterone left amproofothone (a 1.5mg/tablet, a type of 0.75mg/tablet), which is several times higher than the dose of conventional oral contraceptives. The impact of women’s menstrual cycles, often eating can cause menstrual disorders.

In addition, the efficiency of emergency contraceptives is only about 80%. The earlier the efficiency, the higher the efficiency, the 72 hours of sexual behavior, and the chance of pregnancy increases.

Emergency contraceptives are only effective for a single non -protected sexual behavior and cannot protect subsequent sexual behavior, so it is not recommended to use it for conventional contraception.It is recommended to use short -acting oral contraceptives or long -acting contraceptives.

Q: After taking emergency contraceptives or pregnancy, can the baby want it?

A: Yes.

This type of medicine mainly plays a contraceptive effect by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, preventing sperm and eggs, and preventing fertilized eggs from bed in the uterus.

The contraceptiveness of such drugs is not 100%, but about 80%, so women still have a 20%chance of pregnancy after taking such drugs.

That is, if the drugs taken did not successfully suppress ovarian ovulation, failed to prevent the combination of sperm and eggs, and could not intercept the fertilized eggs in the uterus, it was possible to get pregnant.

But in this case, if the baby is pregnant without abortion, it can be retained because it is suitable for the "full or no" theory in the early pregnancy.

At present, the internationally recognized "all or no" theory in the international pregnancy believes that during the early pregnancy stage (that is, within 28 days after the first day of the last day, or within 2 weeks of sperm and eggs)Busy bed in the uterus.

At this time, the fertilized eggs were only split with simple cells, and different human tissues and organs have not yet been differentiated.Since the organs have not been differentiated, it cannot be discussed that the deformities in the organs are not tested, so the babies that people are worried will not be produced.

In addition, the embryo also has a self -correction function during the early cell division. If the cells are split smoothly, the embryo will develop healthily. If the cell division is not smooth, the embryo will be eliminated naturally.

At the same time, I will also give you a widely -circulated reminder on the Internet:

Romantic tens of millions

Safety first

Unconventional contraceptive

Lover two lines of tears

I wish everyone a romantic and safe night!

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