Want to change the shape?Be careful about hair dyeing

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Old classmates have to meet

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But, cosmetic surgery is obviously too late, but dyeing a hair and changing hairstyles, closer to fashion is a good choice.However, the doctor has something to say about hair dyeing. Hair dyeing is risky.

Risk one


Phenylene amine is the main component of hair dye, and it is also a kind of strong allergen. People with sensitive constitution are prone to skin allergies. Among them, contact dermatitis is the most common.It should be reminded that the pyramamine and heavy metal salts contained in black hair dye are the most.

Skin -dyeing skin allergies can actually be avoided, as long as you do a allergic test before your hair dyeing.The specialist reminds that you should do an allergic test before dyeing. If allergic symptoms occur, hair dyeing should be stopped.Although many hair dyes on the market are now under the highlights of natural and plant -type publicity, in order to achieve the coloring effect of hair, the composition of phenyline in the hair dye is indispensable.Once the hair dye is allergic, it is prone to scalp redness and swelling, blisters, severe cases even exudate, and hair -dyeing allergic reactions are a delayed perverted allergic reaction.Only in order to respond.Therefore, it is easy to increase the risk of allergies without doing "allergies" directly.

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How to test allergies?

① Take 1-2 drops of hair dye and 1-2 drops. After mixing in the bottle cap, apply it on the inside of the wrist or the skin behind the ears.

② After applying it for 30 minutes, don’t get wet, don’t scratch.

③ If redness and swelling appear, it means allergies and cannot continue to use hair dye.

④ If there are no discomforts after 24H-48H (the time is marked according to the manual), it has no discomfort and passes allergies.

Special Note

Even if the hair dye has been used in the past, people who are allergic to allergies need to be performed before each use. The principle is the same as that of penicillin each time.

Risk two


Phenylene amine is one of the internationally recognized carcinogens, and the harm of the human body has also been widely recognized at home and abroad.But this does not show that after using a hair dyed with phenylides, it will definitely cause cancer.Generally speaking, everyone dye hair once a year, especially female friends, generally need to choose hair dyeing when cutting hair or hair.The hair causes too much damage.However, some people may prefer hair dyeing. Sometimes they will once or even twice a month in January. Such frequent hair dyeing, even if the content of phenylramine is relatively low, but the accumulation is less, which will greatly increase the risk of cancer with cancer.Essence

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Precautions for hair dyeing

Before dyeing your hair, you must do skin allergies

When a allergic reaction occurs for the first time, you must seek medical treatment in time, and do not continue to dye your hair.Allergic reactions are usually more serious than one at a time, especially people with allergies.

Do not dye your hair

The skin of the head is damaged and ulcerated, and people with dermatitis should not dye hair.Women of hypertension, heart disease and pregnancy, and during childbirth should not dye their hair.In addition, people with allergies such as drugs, paint, food, pollen should be cautious.

The number of hair dye should not be too frequent

Generally speaking, hair dyeing twice a year is already the limit. If you dye your hair once every two months, it will not only hurt the hair, but also affect your health.

Pay attention to hair dyeing time

Generally speaking, hair dye can only stay on the hair for about 20-30 minutes, and it is best not to exceed 40 minutes. After the hair dye is dyed, wash the head thoroughly.After hair dyeing, many toxic chemical components of hair dye will remain in the hair, but if cleaning in time, the content of toxic substances will be reduced.

It is best to wear gloves when dyeing hair

If you are DIY at home, it is best to wear gloves to avoid contact with your hair.If the hair dye accidentally drips into the eyes, it must be cleaned repeatedly with water.

Don’t be hot and dyed

Perm use of perm is mostly alkaline ingredients and oxidant. They will destroy the head launch layer, causing the internal structure of the hair to lose protection, resulting in yellowing, brittle hair, losing elasticity and gloss.At this time, hair dyeing is undoubtedly worse for the damaged hair. It is best to dye your hair one or two weeks apart.

Skin care before dyeing

Apply a layer of skin cream on the edge of the scalp before dyeing to protect the skin.

Don’t believe in the so -called pure natural and pure plant hair dye

Any hair dye will cause damage to the hair.

Information: Zhongshan Qingpu Branch

Responsible editor: Hu Xiaofan

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