Welcome to the Asian Games, healthy 丨 How to move safer during pregnancy?How to eat long fetus and not meat?

As the footsteps of the Asian Games approach, the Asian Games atmosphere in the streets of Hangzhou Street has become more and more enriched.The Asian Games theme decoration, public art installations, city night view lights are seen everywhere … At this time, you may wish to go to relatives and friends to move to exercise to help the Asian Games!

What?Isn’t it suitable for exercise when pregnancy?Today, the doctors of the Hangzhou Women’s Hospital will give you a trick. How pregnant women move scientifically and how to replenish nutrition scientifically, making you a great and vibrant pregnant mother ~

Those who are suitable for you are the best, you can choose exercise according to different pregnancy

01 early pregnancy

Not suitable: It is easy to cause the exercise of rising physical temperature in pregnant women, such as high temperature yoga, Repertalti and so on.

伸 Suitable: mild extension, low -intensity exercise, such as walking, respiratory training, muscle stretching and relaxation.

02 mid -pregnancy

Not suitable: excessive sporting (such as basketball, football, etc.), impact on the abdomen (such as boxing, skydiving, etc.), easy to fall (such as skiing, highway bicycle, etc.).

适 Suitable: The exercise intensity is appropriately increased. The combination of aerobic exercise with the anti -resistance training of medium strength can also perform some exercise that increases the flexibility of the thoracic vertebrae.You can choose to swim, aerobic dance, dumbbells, yoga, etc.

03 Pregnancy

Not suitable: long -term supine training, long -standing movement.

Suitable: Proper breathing training, pelvic floor muscle training, suitable for some arms, leg muscles stretching training, pelvic foundation muscle perception and relaxation training, such as health exercises, slow dance, late pregnancy motion.

In the case of conditions permit, it is recommended to exercise appropriately every day.If it cannot be done, it can be maintained for 2-3 days a week or a total of 150 minutes of sports activities per week.If you feel tired or uncomfortable, stop exercising immediately!

Learn how to exercise, and don’t ignore our diet, because correctly supplementing nutrition can help pregnant mothers to quickly recover physical strength, which will be more beneficial to the baby’s development.

Dietary Guide during pregnancy

01 Appropriate amount: Do not have too much diet for pregnant mothers

First of all, the diet of pregnant mothers must meet the standard, so as to ensure that the intake of nutritional elements must be sufficient.However, pay attention to avoid excessive intake, otherwise it will not only increase the burden on the body, but also cause obesity during pregnancy, which will cause a series of problems such as diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy.

The scope of weight growth in women during pregnancy and the recommended value of weight growth for weekly weight growth in the middle and late pregnancy

02 Balanced: Portable with vegetables

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period for the formation and differentiation of fetal organs. In the early pregnancy, some minerals (such as iodine, iron, etc.) and vitamins (such as folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc.) need to be improved to prevent fetal malformations.

In daily life, expectant mothers can choose to eat some dark green vegetables, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, and appropriate amount of lean meat to ensure that they do not lack various nutrients.

03 Diversity: "Diet Pagoda" to support

The diet of pregnant mothers should be diverse."China Women’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" has recommended the diet of pregnant mothers

Grain potatoes, fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and eggs, etc., should be changed on the table of pregnant mothers. Do not just "love" a certain type of food!

If you still don’t allow what you should eat and how much you should eat every day, you can come to our hospital’s nutrition center for consultation. The doctor will conduct a dietary survey and nutritional assessment based on your actual situation to tailor a suitable nutrition plan for you.

Nutrition Center of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

The hospital nutrition center is a demonstration site for nutritional missionary during pregnancy and the National Women’s Federation "Health Education Education Education Classroom".Settings of Nutrition Center: Women’s Nutrition Clinic, Pregnancy Diabetes One Day Clinic, Nutrition Weight Demonstration Clinic, carry out personalized recipe formulation, bone density measurement, and human composition analysis.

The nutritional center has more than 1,500 monthly nutritional intervention, of which about 100 people have been intervened in the one -day outpatient intervention in gestational diabetes, and the effective rate of intervention reaches 90%, which has achieved good social benefits.

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