Welcome to the day of a pregnant woman in 27 weeks ~#vlog everyday

What are you doing one day after the 00s?I live with my husband alone, so I don’t have to live with my mother -in -law.I don’t like to drink milk, but for my baby, I drink a glass of black sesame walnut black soy milk with black rice, black beans, black sesame and mulberry powder every day.This protein stick is really delicious and without sweetness. I want to show you it, but I almost can’t eat it.I insist on drinking this every day, I believe it will make my hair darker.

Now I am used to eating early and middle meals. This protein stick is a good choice.My husband wants to eat the stinky durian torn bread, but I did not give him.I repurchased another box, and these two days arrived.The taste of this soaked is also very good. I eat this meal with nutrition.In the evening, I have to go out with my girlfriend to eat, and then crazy to make up the meat.After eating it, I went to the toilet, because this calcium tablet must be added with milk to be better, I believe me.There is only one hand tortured bread in the house. My husband wants to eat, but I think the durian taste is not good.

I bought another box, and these two days arrived.This mask is also very easy to use. I insist on punching in every day. My nose is a bit sensitive, so I will apply it thicker.I recently bought a bottle of pregnancy oil and waist.This bottle is quite durable. I now measure my baby’s fetal heart every day.I haven’t been to the hospital this month, because the baby’s fetal heart has always been normal.

I have a lot of hairy on my belly. I will squeeze a little gel now, and then long press and turn on the fetal heart.This video is accelerated. I tested the fetal heart, which was normal, and it was about 140 in the hospital.I am relieved now, because the air conditioner leaks the water every day, and the landlord does not come to repair it. It is really annoying.

I want to change clothes and go out for dinner. I must remember to apply sunscreen when I go out.I want to buy some new clothes because I have no clothes for three days.My little sister is really good, I envy her.It is safer to take a taxi. My husband does not let us ride a bike.It’s really good to get pregnant. There are girlfriends in line when buying milk tea.

I like to eat small octopus balls the most, but these 6 are 18 yuan too expensive.I couldn’t move when I saw desserts, but I knew that I was okay occasionally.I feel that I am really easy to satisfy, and I am really happy to go shopping with my girlfriend.We came to eat barbecue again, and I ate some, because I was a little hungry.This is a very expensive shop, but it is really delicious.Pregnant women can eat lettuce, but I eat too much in one breath.I have been pregnant for more than 6 months, but this is the first time I have eaten barbecue.I am a small bakery, haha.The carbohydrate tonight is full, and I like to eat meat very much.

There are many stalls here, which is very lively.When I saw a kitten, I stopped and looked at it for a while.I have only seen jellyfish on TV before, but now I saw them so young, really cute.This Teddy turned to a little golden retriever and really laughed at me.Today’s sunset is really beautiful, I hope the sisters are happy every day.

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