Well -known actress searches on the stomach!Netizens are very worried …

Recently, female star Rihanna

Frequent hot search

Although she is a heavenly -level existence in the United States

But she has been searching for a few recent time

They are all related to her stomach

Yes, she is pregnant again

Also unveiled the pregnant belly directly at Oscar

According to public information, Rihanna is a well -known female singer, actor, and model developed in the United States.In August 2005, he released his first music album and began his career. He has won many female singers who have won many Grammy, All British Music and MTV Music Awards, and won the MTV annual recording award twice.In April 2018, he was selected as the list of the world’s most influential figures in the world in "Times Weekly" in 2018.The 2019 Forbes ranked 36th.

Pregnancy is a matter of blessing

But netizens don’t seem to buy it

Some people even shouted Rihanna’s boyfriend directly

Hurry up

Why is this?

Netizens have a cause of worry, because the baby born on May 13 last year after Rihanna was only ten months old, but according to the situation of her belly, she has been pregnant for 6 or 7 months.It is equivalent to that she was pregnant with a second child in less than 4 months, and it was a rocket speed.

In this regard, the attending physician of Zhu Hongli, a gynecological department of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, said that it is not advisable to get pregnant for three or four months after the birth. In addition to the greater damage to the body, there is also the risk of uterine rupture.


The body does not recover after the body is born, it takes time to repair

In the hospital’s gynecological clinic, doctors often encounter such a pregnant mother. They feel that they can be pregnant on behalf of the second child, but in fact, it is not.

Most Baoma will breastfeed after giving birth. The uterine texture of women’s uterines will be soft and not suitable for pregnancy.For the mother -in -law of the caesarean section, the scar on the uterus takes time healing.Because after the cesarean section, the knife mouth of Gongbi is poorly healed in the short term, and premature pregnancy may cause abdominal hemorrhage or even threatening life."It is not uncommon for the rupture of the uterine. Most of them happen to the mother who had a cesarean section and became pregnant immediately." Zhu Hongli said.

In addition, if you are pregnant during breastfeeding, it will inhibit the secretion of milk, and the baby’s milk stimulation will easily cause miscarriage.


How long is the interval after giving birth?

If you want to get pregnant safely again, how long should it take?Doctors said they should be treated differently.

For the mother-in-law, it usually takes 6-10 months to restore ovulation, and it is recommended to start pregnancy after giving birth.

For Bao Ma who has a caesarean section, it takes longer to restore the body. Therefore, it is best to be more secure for 2 years after surgery to avoid accidents during pregnancy.


Three weeks after giving birth may be pregnant and breastfeeding.

The doctor reminded that although most women need to resume ovulation for 6-10 months after giving birth, some people will have irregular ovulation. She once encountered a patient and became pregnant in a few days.Double damage.Therefore, she reminded everyone that in fact, the mothers may be pregnant about three weeks after delivery, and breastfeeding is not a safe period.

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