Wet wet and sputum and food therapy solutions

In addition to paying attention to the light diet, avoid fatness, cold, quit smoking and alcohol, you must also pay attention to inspiring the body’s yang to clean up the phlegm in the body.For sputum damp women, two types of foods are needed: -Mico is inspiring yang, and one is wet.The stimulating food can refer to the list of ingredients of women with qi deficiency and yang deficiency, especially the drugs and ingredients that benefit the spleen and yang.There is a good way to distinguish the spleen supplement: "The spleen is yellow", and yellow is the color of the spleen.Generally speaking, yellow food has the effect of nourishing the spleen and spleen.

There are a lot of wet foods, carp, catfish, yellow croaker, loach, catfish, catfish, pumpkin, lentils, cucumbers, white radish, amaranth, corn, lotus leaves, seaweed, kelp, lentilSea crickets, onions, loquats, ginkgo, jujube, cabbage, melon, fish, river shrimp, sea cucumber, almonds, ravioli, etc. are all good ingredients.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carp has the effects of spleen and stomach, swelling and swelling, breast milk, clearing heat and detoxifying, and stopping coughing and qi. It also belongs to the lungs, spleen, and kidney.

People who are cold cannot eat carp, otherwise they will get worse and not easy to get better.

The carp is a hair product, which is easy to "overwhelm", and people with illness cannot eat.

Carp cannot be eaten with pickles, mung beans, taro, pork liver, chicken, dog meat, beef and oil, pumpkin.Especially pickles, -Infood can easily lead to digestive tumors.

Carp must not be matched with Chinese medicine nepeta, licorice, red beans, and cinnabar.


The deliciousness and nutritional value of catfish are not lost to carp at all.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has its absence, stomach, and large intestine.It has the effects of replenishing cards, appetizing, promoting blood circulation, warmth, medium -sized qi, and milk.Cotya is a good nourishing ingredient for bronchitis, asthma, and diabetes.

If the postpartum woman is insufficient in the body, it can stew catfish soup, which has the effect of nourishing virtual milk.

Like carp, it is not advisable to eat more catfish during a cold.

Catfish should not be eaten with pork liver, chicken, pheasant, venison, garlic, sugar, amaranth, ginseng, honey.Catfish should not be matched with Chinese herbal medicine Ophiopogon and Magnolia.Do not drink tea before eating fish.

Cooking catfish tips

Catfish and tofu are the best nutrition with stewed soup.

Chenpi Wuyu Decoction has the effects of warm and cold, nourishing the spleen and appetizing, which is suitable for beauty with poor appetite, poor digestion, and prone to bloating and stomach pain.


The named naked oats of the pupae is a grain crop with high nutritional value. Among all grain crops, the protein content of the pupae is the highest, and it contains 8 kinds of amino acids and rich vitamin B and vitamin E required by the human body.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that 有 wheat has the effect of nourishing qi and benefiting, dehumidifying and relieving diarrhea.The fat ingredients of 成 莜 莜 are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. Among them, linoleic acid can reduce the human body’s cholesterol and make sense to prevent heart disease.

Cooking 小

The production of 过 Mai generally has four processes: washing, frying, grinding noodles, and punching.There is a request for processing the wheat noodles, and the people refer to it as a ‘three cooked ". Frying: The pupa wheat after being washed is cooked, the requirements of the frying heat are relatively high, you must not be too born or cooked.Cooked: After frying, then grind the noodles, and use boiling water when you rush; Sanusu: The food made must be steamed. If you ca n’t be cooked in the three cooked, it will affect the edibleness of the wheat noodles.

The folk mixes the cooked yam mud and the noodles to make a snacks such as "yam cakes", "valley barrier", and 圪 eggs.Essence


There are many names of barley: coix seed, coix seed, barley, and barley.Coix kernel is a non -words of ancient medicine and food.Coix Renren has a high nutritional value, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals to promote the metabolism of the human body and reduce gastrointestinal burden.Especially the vitamin E it contains, it makes people’s skin shiny, and it can also help eliminate acne and color spots and help improve skin tone.The vein B contained in helping to prevent beriberi.In recent years, Japan has also listed it in a list of anti -cancer foods. This value has doubled now and enjoys the name of "Health of Life and Health".Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Yiren has the effect of dampness and spleen to relieve spleen and diarrhea, and coix kernel has the characteristics of eased effects and easy digestion and absorption.

It is more suitable for 50 ~ 100 grams at a time.According to previous experience, women cannot eat barley in early pregnancy.People with less sweat and constipation are best not to eat.

It is best to cook soup with raw coix kernels; strengthen the spleen and stomach, and treat the treatment of spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

Coix seeds are not easy to cook. Soak them with warm water for two or three hours before cooking, and then cook with other rice categories, it is easy to cooked.

(Cooking Huiren Tips

When the summer and autumn are hot and humid, you can match the melon to make soup, which can play a role in clearing the heat and dampness.

Use barley powder to pretty skin: grind the coix seeds into powder, boil the milk every day, and then add the grinding wise kernel powder and stir well. Frequent consumption can make the skin delicate and gloss, and help eliminate the trouble of acne and freckles.


Onion contains a trace element called selenium, which is a very strong antioxidant that can eliminate free radicals in the human body, thereby enhancing cell vitality and metabolic ability, and anti -aging.Onion is the only food containing prostaglandin A at present. Prostatin A can reduce blood pressure, prevent thrombosis, and is an excellent health food for patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.Onions do not contain fat, and the vulcanized compounds contained in it can reduce cholesterol.Onion also contains anti -cancer -proof substances, which is the first choice for anti -cancer and cancer.Even the spicy smell that is not acceptable to be accepted has the effect of stimulating digestive fluid and enhancing appetite.In recent years, Swiss scientists have also found that eating onions can increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that onions have the effects of qi, dampness, expectorant, and detoxifying and insecticide.

Onion contains plant sterilizers such as mitein, which has a strong sterilization ability, so chewing raw onions can prevent colds.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that onions are sullen and have the functions of divergent wind and cold. It is also to say that onions can resist cold and resist the infringement of the human body.

Because the nature of the onion is warm, it is not advisable to eat too much at a time, otherwise it will easily feel hot, have a lot of shit, and uncomfortable eyes.And because onions are prone to volatile gases, eating too much will flatter and exhaust too much, which is uncomfortable and embarrassing.

It is best to eat less onions with skin itching diseases, eye diseases, stomach diseases, fever, and inflammation.If you eat less, patients with inflammation of the lungs, patients with fever should eat cautiously.The spicy onion can stimulate the eyes. It is best not to cut the onions when there are eye diseases and eye congestion.

Corn is rich in cellulose, which can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of feces. Therefore, it can prevent constipation, enteritis, and bowel cancer.The vitamin E contained in it can delay aging, reduce serum cholesterol, and prevent skin lesions.In areas with corn as a staple food, the incidence of cancer is generally low, and corn has now been listed in the list of anti -cancer foods.Corn also contains more glutamic acid and has the effect of brain health.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that corn is good for the treatment of lungs, nourishing the stomach, and dehumidifying water.For sputum damp women, it can be described as a specimen.

Corn avoid eating with the field snails, otherwise it will be poisoned.

Avoid eating with oysters, otherwise it will hinder the absorption of zinc.

Corn should not be eaten too much for a long time.

The corn beard is also a damp -damp food therapeutic material.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that corn is sweet, light, peaceful in nature, lightweight penetration, which is good for urination and swelling, and the effect of flat liver and gallbladder.For general decoction, 15 ~ 30 grams at a time, up to 90 grams.

Treatment of edema can be fried with corn, but not salt.In the treatment of nephritis, the initial renal stones need to be fried thickly, and it is taken without numbers.The treatment of hepatitis jaundice can be matched with Yin Chen, Money Cao, Tulip, and Sky Star.

White radish

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that radish has the effect of clearing heat and reinforcement, cooling blood to stop hemostasis, wide qi, eliminating stagnation, appetizing, spleen, reflection, and qi and phlegm.When symptoms, you can eat radish for diet.

Radish is cold and cold and has the effect of intestinal. People with spleen deficiency and diarrhea are better not to eat or eat with warm food.

Patients with chronic inflammation, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, simple thyroid mosque, aura abortion, and uterine prolapse cannot eat radish.

According to the "eighteen anti" white radish, white radish cannot be eaten with ginseng and American ginseng.

The main diarrhea and carrots are supplemented by the carrot, so it is best not to eat the same.

White radish has the best food therapy.However, it should be noted that it is not possible to eat other things within half an hour after eating raw radish, so as not to be diluted.


Lauda is a red algae plant. It grows on the shallow sea rock reef. The fresh laver has three colors: red purple, green, purple, and black purple. It is purple after drying, so the name of "laver" is won.As early as the Han Dynasty, my country had a record of eating laver. At that time, it was regarded as "Haizhen".Modern people also like fresh seaweed, and the dishes made by it are also rich and diverse.Laver has a high iodine content and can treat "thyroid enlargement" caused by iodine deficiency.The polysaccharide contained in it can significantly enhance cellular immunity and body fluid immune function, thereby improving the body’s immunity and reducing serum cholesterol.It also contains considerable choline, iron and calcium, and-quantitative mannitol.In addition, seaweed is also a member of the anti -cancer recipe.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Zirong has the function of dietary phlegm, softness, heat and water, and nourishing the kidneys.

Should not eat more laver, eating more can cause diarrhea.

Those with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold abdominal pain should avoid eating.

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