What about acne during pregnancy?What is it safe and effective?Der dermatologist will give you the answer

Pregnancy is a very important period in the life. During this period of time, many people will experience uncomfortable weight gain, long stretch marks, decreased appetite, vomiting, fatigue, drowsiness, frequent urination, low back pain, etc.The facial features will still have acne during pregnancy, which makes many pregnant mothers distressed and uncomfortable. On the one hand, it feels that the acne is ugly and affects the beauty. On the one hand, the medication will affect the safety and health of the baby.IntersectionHere, as a dermatologist, I want to tell all pregnant mothers and friends in the family in the family, some!

However, many pregnant women’s families do not understand. They feel that medication will not be good for babies in the stomach. Indeed, many medicines cannot be used during breastfeeding during pregnancy.Woolen cloth?If you are not pregnant, you have to dominate the babies in the stomach. The body and mental health of the pregnant mother are very important. Before pregnancy, you can love beauty, and you can do it after pregnancy!

Not much to say, let’s talk about it in detail, how can you safely and effective acne during pregnancy?

There is a kind of medicine especially suitable for pregnant mothers -that is Ren Er acid gel.Ren Ervic acid gel not only has a good acne effect, but also has less irritation. It does not need to establish skin tolerance. Most pregnant mothers can use it.For a little bit of allergies. Generally speaking, as long as it is not allergic, it can be used during pregnancy, pregnancy, and lactation. The skin that is more fragile can also be used.Drugs with high coefficients are relatively wide.

For pregnant mothers, this is the more reliable acne ointment. I still don’t recommend other drugs.The mild and moderate acne has a better treatment effect with Ren diexin gels. If it is severe acne, Ren diexic acid gel can also have a certain relief effect.Other drugs such as vitamin A sterile ointment, peroxyhyl gel, and Yang Su, pregnant mothers do not use it!These drugs have a certain irritation. During pregnancy, it is a very special period. The abuse of drugs is not good for pregnant mothers and babies in their stomachs.

In addition, pregnant mothers must maintain a good mood, do not be too nervous, usually pay attention to rest, acne during pregnancy, and hormones during pregnancy, and are also related to factors such as poor mood, mental tension, poor rest and so on.The male compatriots should also take good care of the pregnant mother. She is a child who has a child for you. She cannot bear the pain on her wife in her body.

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