What about the low body ketone of the pregnant mother?It turned out to be caused by these three major reasons

Pregnancy is a special thing. During pregnancy is a special period. Being a expectant mother not only means the change of identity character, but also a huge change in psychology and body, especially the physiological physiological of pregnant mothers that are closely related to the baby.Most changes are the most critical and obvious. Pregnant mothers not only face a series of health problems such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, blood lipids and their so -called constipation, hemorrhoids, anemia, etc., but also a very important indicator.Low progesterone, so many pregnant mothers are full of concerns.So, what is the low progesterone?

Welonone is luteal hormone. It is an important hormone secreted by women’s ovaries. It is important to pregnancy. It can effectively promote women’s conception, but also promote the repair and growth of the endometrium.During the entire pregnancy, progesterone should not be underestimated for pregnant mothers. Generally, the progesterone of pregnant mothers is maintained at 20 ~ 30ng/L. The indicator of lower than 20 is low.It will not have much effect, because progesterone will increase with the increase of the month. If the progesterone of the pregnant mother is less than 20 and there is no increase in any increase, the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital for examination.

What is usually caused by low progesterone?

1. Pregnant mothers have experienced ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or premature birth and infertility. It is prone to low progesterone during pregnancy.

Second, the congenital development of fertilized eggs is not good, and there will also be low progesterone during pregnancy.

Third, the pregnant mother’s own health is low, such as abnormalities such as thyroid or adrenal glands in pregnant mothers, or there are too many insulin in the pregnant mother, and there will be low progesterone.

In the face of low progesterone, what should pregnant mothers do?

If the pregnant mother has low progesterone, you should treat it calmly. Do not blindly believe in some recipes. Do not blindly take medicine. It is best to see a doctor and obey the professional advice.It is good.

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