What are the "sources of teratings" that make pregnant mothers scare?Some may be hidden by the pregnant mother

For pregnant mothers, the baby’s peace is greater than everything, so many pregnant mothers often scare during pregnancy and are worried that the fetus develops deformity due to the influence of the outside world.This kind of thing does happen in real life, just like Lao Qi’s house.Lao Qi is usually at home and likes to smoke cigarettes before dinner. Even if his wife is pregnant, this will cause his wife to suck too much second -hand smoke. As a result, when the child is born, it becomes a "physical development disorder."Lao Qi remembered that he usually did not listen to his family’s dissuasion, and then he regretted his current results.

In fact, if everyone values early, naturally there will be no similar results.Pregnant mothers must pay attention, the sources of terators may be hidden by you.So, what are the "sources of teratings" that are frightened by pregnant mothers?

1. Cigarettes

There are many "deformities" in the society because of cigarettes.Many pregnant mothers are lacking in related knowledge, and they take it for granted that as long as they do not smoke, they will not affect the development of the fetus.In fact, after litting cigarettes, the generated smoke contains a large amount of harmful substances such as nicotine and tar. Under the spread of air, they will also be sucked into the body in the form of second -hand cigarettes or three -hand smoke.Even if the pregnant mother does not smoke, the fetus will be affected by cigarettes in such an environment, which will eventually lead to deformed development. Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to avoid smoking environment in life.

2. Alcohol

As the society is becoming more and more open, many female friends have fell in love with drinking, and some even have alcoholic addiction.It doesn’t matter if you drink something at usual, but if you drink a lot of alcohol because you can’t control alcoholic addiction during pregnancy, you will not only damage them, but also have a great impact on the fetus.Studies have shown that there is a "abrasion source" in alcohol. If pregnant mothers do not control alcohol addiction, frequent drinking is likely to cause fetal deformities in the abdomen.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention not to drink, even drinks containing alcohol are best not to drink.

3. Mistake medicine

Pregnant mothers want the fetus to develop healthy. Sometimes they see merchants’ publicity or encouragement around them. They always like to buy some health products or nutrition products for babies in the belly, and they are afraid that the baby will lack nutrition.However, the various health products and nutritional products in the market today are mixed. If pregnant mothers have selected improperly, they have poor quality, and they may get the result of the opposite of their expectations. Some health products can cause the fetal deformity.Therefore, pregnant mothers should not do bad things. Even if you buy supplements for the fetus, you must first consult the doctor and be careful to ensure that safety is the first.

4. ionizing radiation

Ionizing radiation is invisible and the most silent, but pregnant mothers do not need to think that the electrical appliances in life will generate threatening power radiation, such as: TV, microwave oven, hair dryer, etc.To the fetus; the real threat is the ionizing radiation such as X -ray in the hospital. This ionizing radiation not only has strong penetration but also contains energy, which is enough to threaten the safe development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much about ionizing radiation, but they are not good at the fetus all day.

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