What are the breast changes during pregnancy?

Breasts are the most unique and important organs of female friends. Breasts have an irreplaceable effect on future fetal breastfeeding.Breasts during pregnancy are also changing.So, what is the process of breast change during pregnancy?Next, I will introduce this in detail for you, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

What is going on with changes in pregnancy breasts?

In general, starting a few weeks after pregnancy, expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the breast, and even a little pain. Occasionally, the nipples will have a thick and yellow colostrum.This is the change of breasts after pregnancy, so why is the breast different from before?This is because after conception, the hormone changes in the body, and the breasts have made corresponding changes.This is also to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.

What are the breast changes during pregnancy?

1. Breast growth

The bigger breasts after pregnancy are the most obvious changes in the breasts of all women after pregnancy. Many women are nicknamed "secondary development" because of the action of hormones such as progesterone and human choric gonad hormones during pregnancy, breastsIncreased fat tissue, increased blood supply, and increased the increase and growth of breast catheter and breasts.At about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, the breasts of pregnant mothers usually increase 1-2 cups or more.

2. Black areola darkened

After pregnancy, the blood supply of pregnant mothers will increase by nearly half, so at this time our blood vessels become very obvious, especially abdomen and breasts.In addition, under the stimulation of sex hormones, prolactin and lutein, the color of the areola will also be deepened, and there will be some protrusions similar to "small acne".A secretion of oily substances, avoid cracks of nipples and areola skin due to dryness and rapid growth.

3. Stretch marks appear

Belly and thighs are the favorite parts of stretch marks, but it will grow quietly on the breast.The cause of stretch marks caused by breasts is the same as the abdominal stretch marks.

4. Quietly "leak milk"

During pregnancy, breasts are preparing for postpartum lactation, and the first stage of milk production is actually completed in the second trimester.In the third trimester, a small amount of milk can be secreted by the breast, such as lactose.Individual pregnant mothers even have "leaking milk", but this rarely happens.

What should I do if my pregnancy breast pain?

Breast pain is a sign of early pregnancy.After the expectant mothers enter pregnancy, the breasts will change. This is a normal physiological reaction.During pregnancy, this pain usually lasts for 3-4 months. Those who are slightly focused can continue the entire pregnancy. Of course, some people also feel that the pain is obvious.In this case, it can be solved with hot compresses or massage. Generally speaking, no treatment is required.

How to care for pregnant breasts?

First, loose clothes, loose and comfortable corset, increase the size in a timely manner with the increase of breasts month by month.

Second, massage breasts, massage the breast correctly after bathing.Wash the areola and nipple skin with mild soapy water, and scrub the skin wrinkles.

Third, the breast is cleaned. If the nipples are sunken or flat, the nipples are gently pinched out with their hands when scrubbing.

Fourth, the sleeping position is appropriate. When sleeping, pay attention to adopt a suitable sleeping position. It is best to take the side or supine position.

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