What are the causes of gynecological inflammation of many people?Scientific control, you need to know these 3 points

Gynecological inflammation is a type of disease that many women often suffer from. Even if gynecological inflammation does not have a fatal effect on people’s health, this disease is indeed dangerous for women with fertility requirements.

On the one hand, the existence of inflammation may lead to infertility; on the other hand, due to the existence of inflammation, even if the conception is successful, it may lead to abortion or embryo stopping.

Therefore, the problem of gynecological inflammation cannot be taken lightly, and it should usually be more controlled.But before preventing and controlling such diseases, what are the causes of women’s "recruitment" gynecological inflammation.

So, women often suffer from gynecological inflammation. What are the causes behind?These three cases, or the reasons for repeated "invasion", do not want to be affected by the body, it is best to pay more attention.

1. Bacterial infection

Infection and germs are often inseparable, and gynecological inflammation is no exception.For example, when the external germs are infected through an over -infection and cause damage to the flora in the vagina, it will damage the micro -ecological environment of the vagina, which may induce vaginal inflammation.

In addition, because some women do not pay much attention to the cleanliness of their private parts, this also provides a natural place for survival for some germs, which will eventually lead to infection.

All in all, as long as there is a germ infection, gynecological inflammation may be induced, such as vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts, which can cause inflammatory reactions.

2. Husband and wife life

Many women deal with gynecological inflammation and sexually transmitted diseases, and the lives of unclean couples are inseparable.

When the husband and wife live, some women do not pay much attention to personal hygiene, and their sexual partners are not in place for this care, so in this case, as long as any of the two of them carry germs, they are carried out in the husband and wife.In the process of life, cross -infections will occur.

Therefore, the life of husband and wife is also the cause of frequent seizures of gynecological inflammation.

Some men may have too long foreskin, balanitis, etc. These diseases can also cause germs to pass genitals, pass on to women, and eventually cause women to have fungal vaginitis.

Therefore, the life of husband and wife is also a high -risk factor that induce gynecological inflammation. Everyone must pay attention to sanitary management while enjoying "sexual blessings".

3. Decrease in resistance

The human body has natural immunity. This immunity can make the outside germs that are not so easy to invade our bodies, which threatens our health.

However, if the body’s resistance decreases, the situation may not be so optimistic. At this time, some germs may invade and cause inflammation in the body.For many women, the inflammatory response in private parts is not surprising.

Therefore, decreased resistance is also a factor that induces gynecological inflammation.For the majority of women, pay more attention to rest and exercise appropriately. These are also very helpful to care for the health of private parts and far from gynecological inflammation.

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