What are the changes in the body after pregnancy?

After harvesting the joy of pregnancy, the expectant mother began to enter the trim of pregnancy in October, looking forward to and waiting for the birth of the baby.

So, from the beginning of breeding to childbirth, what will happen to the body of pregnant mothers?

1. January pregnancy

In January of pregnancy, the baby’s fertilized eggs have just formed a small germ, and most pregnant mothers have not experienced pregnancy symptoms.

Compared with pre -pregnancy, pregnant mothers have basically not changed.The breasts will harden, the nipple color becomes darker and becomes very sensitive, and it will feel pain when touching.However, the changes in breasts will not feel the pregnant mothers.

Due to the imbalance of hormone secretion in the body, the more sensitive pregnant mothers will begin to have nausea and vomiting symptoms.A small number of pregnant mothers will have symptoms like colds, such as: fatigue, weakness, fever, and cold stomach.

2. February of pregnancy

Most pregnant mothers have begun to have early pregnancy reactions.For example: dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, like acidic food, hate greasy.

The weight of pregnant mothers has not increased significantly, and some pregnant mothers will decrease due to their weight loss due to early pregnancy reactions.The pregnant mother’s breasts gradually become larger under the common stimulation of estrogen and progesterone, the color of the nipples and areolas deepen, and dark brown nodules around the nipples.In addition, breasts sometimes feel tingling or twitching.

3, March pregnancy

March of pregnancy is the last month of early pregnancy, and most pregnant mothers have stopped pregnancy.However, the embryo that has just been formed is still very sensitive to many factors and stimuli in the outside world, and the placenta connecting the fetus and the mother is also very unstable. Therefore, the pregnant mother should not ignore the changes in their bodies and life in life because they have adapted to the current physical condition.Some small details avoid miscarriage due to accidentally.

This month’s mother’s appetite began to increase.The lower abdomen has not been obviously bulging. At the end of March of pregnancy, the uterus has been like the size of the mother’s fist.Listos and nipples are more obvious, the color becomes darker, and the breast is painful, and it has begun to grow up.

4, April pregnancy

In April of pregnancy, it began to enter the second trimester of pregnancy, and the abdomen of pregnant mothers began to bulge gradually. As the appetite of pregnant mothers gradually increased, the weight increased.

This month’s pregnant mother can already feel that the breasts are increasing, and the milk is black, and the areola is clearer. The pregnant mother’s nipples can be squeezed out of the milk. It looks like the colostrum secreted after childbirth.

The number of "leucorrhea" secreted by the vagina of pregnant mothers, but pregnant mothers don’t have to worry, the secretion is a natural phenomenon.Normal secretions are white, thin, without odor.If there are many secretions and abnormal colors and traits, you need to see a doctor in time.

The increased uterus of pregnant mothers began to compress the bladder and rectum located in the front and rear. The bladder capacity decreases. Therefore, the urination interval will be shortened and the number of urination is increased.However, pregnant mothers need to pay attention not to urinate intentionally or not drink water because they are afraid of going to the toilet, so as not to cause urinary tract infections.

5. In May

The changes in the body of the pregnant mother are getting more and more obvious, and the belly is getting bigger and bigger. It is close to the body shape of a typical pregnant mother, and the body and mind are also in a stable period.In terms of weight, pregnant mothers have increased at least 2 kg of weight, and some pregnant mothers may reach 5 kg.

During this period, the uterus of pregnant mothers can measure the height of the uterine bottom at 15-18 cm at the height of the pubic bone. When the baby is 19 weeks, the pregnant mother’s uterine bottom will rise by 1 cm per week.

Breasts are more significant than before, and some pregnant mothers can also squeeze out transparent, sticky, colorful and white liquid.The hips will also look round due to the increase in fat, and starting from the shape is full.

As the pregnant mother’s uterus slowly increases the abdominal cavity, the symptoms of stimulation of the bladder are alleviated, so the phenomenon of frequent urination of pregnant mothers has disappeared.

6, June pregnancy

During this period, the pregnant mother entered the middle of the safe pregnancy, and the uterus became greater and has a full taste.At this time, pregnant mothers should make good use of this time to strengthen nutrition, strengthen their physique, and prepare for future delivery and postpartum breastfeeding.

The weight of pregnant mothers is growing rapidly at about 250 grams per week. The bottom of the uterus has reached the abdomen. The pregnant mother has been able to accurately determine the increasing uterus.

The breasts will become larger and the breast function will be developed. When the breast is squeezed, some sticky yellow thin milk will flow out.

The waist began to thicken significantly. Due to the increase and aggravation of the uterus, the spine bones leaned back, and the body’s center of gravity moved forward. As a result, the state of pregnant mothers unique.Because pregnant mothers are not used to changes in the body, it is easy to dump, and the waist and back are particularly prone to fatigue about the change of the body. The pregnant mother will feel strenuous when sitting down or standing up.

7, July pregnancy

From 25-28 weeks of pregnancy, it was July. During this period, due to the increase in the placenta, the growth of the fetus, and the increase of the amniotic fluid, the weight of the pregnant mother increased rapidly, which can increase 500 grams per week, which may cause inconvenience in movement.During this period, pregnant mothers need to pay special attention to safety and prevent premature birth.

The bottom of the pregnant mother’s uterus rose to 1-2 horizontal fingers on the umbilicus, and the height of the uterus was 24-26 cm.Breasts occasionally secrete a small amount of milk, which is normal.

There will be some dark red stretch marks on the pregnant mother’s belly and breasts. The vertical stripes from the navel to the lower abdomen will appear more obvious.

During this period, pregnant mothers increased their oxygen during metabolism, and their breathing became rapid, and it was easy to pant during the activity.

At the same time, the heart burden of the fetus’s increased ambassador to pregnant mothers gradually increased, blood pressure began to increase, and the number of heart beating was increased from 65-70 times/minute to more than 80 times/minute, so pregnant mothers were prone to anemia.

Some pregnant mothers will feel discomfort during this period, afraid of light, drying, and astringent, but don’t worry. This is a more typical pregnancy response. You can use some healthy eye drops that eliminate eye fatigue and keep your eyes moist to relieve discomfort to relieve discomfortEssence

8, August pregnancy

In August of pregnancy, the body of pregnant mothers became heavier, and the fetus continued to increase. It was normal to increase 500 grams per week, and various discomforts followed.Pregnant mothers’ legs will feel stressful, and the stomach will be oppressed by the uterus and cause palpitations, nausea, and bloating. When you get up in the morning, your fingers will be numb.

The pregnant mother’s uterus is quite obvious, and the height of the uterine bottom has risen to 25-27 cm.The breasts are raised high, and the stretch marks on the skin of the breast, abdomen and thighs increase significantly.And, due to the effect of hormones, the color of the nipples, lower abdomen, and vulva is deepened.

At the same time, the increase of the uterus, the abdomen, intestines, stomach, and bladder of pregnant mothers are oppressed. Pregnant mothers often feel unwell, have frequent urination, and increase the number of urination times.Some pregnant mothers also have constipation and heart burning.

The pelvis, joints, and ligaments of pregnant mothers will relax. If excessive relaxation can cause joint pain, the pubic bone combination can be mildly separated, mainly because of the effects of progesterone.In addition, pregnant mothers are prone to backache symptoms.In addition, in terms of breathing, pregnant mothers often feel that they can’t breathe on their chests, and even need to use shoulders to help breathing.

9, September pregnancy

In September of pregnancy, when the pregnant mother was the most troubled in the process of pregnancy, the abdomen was still advancing forward, and the body became heavier. Therefore, the actions of the pregnant mother will be awkward.EssenceThe bottom of the uterus is as high as 28-30 cm and has risen to the heart nest.The breast and mammary ducts continue to develop, and they have the ability to secrete milk.

The decrease in fetal head head, compressing the bladder, will cause the urine frequency phenomenon of pregnant mothers to increase.At the same time, due to the decrease in the movement of pregnant mothers, the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines is relatively reduced, and food residues stay in the intestine for a long time, so they will cause constipation of pregnant mothers and even cause hemorrhoids.

At this time, the pregnant mother will have edema in her hands, feet, legs, etc. For pregnant mothers with severe edema, go to the hospital to see a doctor in time.By 36 weeks, the dyspnea of the pregnant mother a while ago began to relieve at this stage.

10, October

Generally, after 37 weeks, the fetus is full.The organs of the fetus have grown well, waiting to come to this world at any time.

Pregnant mothers during this period can easily fall into a melancholy state.This is because the anxiety of delivery, fatigue caused by lack of sleep, and the end of the end of pregnancy.

At this time, the pregnant mother should maintain peace of mind and wait for the arrival of childbirth at ease.

The weight of pregnant mothers has reached its peak period. More milk overflows from the nipple, the bottom of the uterus drops, enters the pelvic cavity, the vaginal secretions increase, often urgency, and constipation will be more obvious.The decrease in the uterine decreases the compression of the chest, and the breathing becomes easier.There will be irregular pain, edema, varicose veins and other feelings, which are more obvious before childbirth.

In October of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can appropriately understand the process of childbirth, so as to do it.In the process of giving birth, the amount of activity is appropriately increased.For example: climb the stairs and walk, help natural delivery.If it is a smooth birth, once irregular contractions occur or see the redness, you must be prepared to go to the hospital.Once the amniotic fluid is broken, contact the hospital or call the ambulance in time.If you have not given birth for 41 weeks, go to the hospital immediately.

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