What are the dangers of accidents during menstruation?Take 3 remedial measures to reduce hidden dangers

We all know that women cannot live sex during menstruation, because the endometrium of women during menstruation is in the stage of falling off. At this time, the resistance and immunity are very low.Girls must understand the harm of menstrual life to the body.

1. Just hygiene issues

At this special time, the woman’s body is in the stage of bleeding. Women are excluding waste in the body. At this time, the same room is a high risk period for bacterial breeding. If boys do not pay attention to hygiene, bring more bacteria into women’s bodies, which may cause inflammation to inflammation.Essence

2. Affect fertility

Menstrual period is a process of bleeding. If forcibly the same room will stimulate the menstrual blood, let the female uterine endometrial cell grow on the except the uterine mucosa. Over time, it will easily affect fertility and even infertility.

3. Male urethritis

In the same room, if women’s menstrual secretions enter the male urethra, it is likely to cause male urethritis. Wearing a condom in the same room can avoid this situation.

In summary, for the sake of the health of both parties, it is recommended not to the same room during menstruation.

If you accidentally have the same room, how should you remedy?

1. Timely cleaning

Timely cleaning can reduce the opportunity of bacteria to survive in vitro, and both men and women must clean up in time.

2. Follow the advice

If inflammation is produced, you can take some anti -inflammatory drugs under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take medicine yourself.

3. Time to check in time

Check hidden dangers or problems. If you find organic lesions or other lesions, timely treatment is treated to avoid affecting fertility, especially endometriosis, which is one of the culprits affecting fertility. It happens that most of the uterine endometriosis is mostlyBecause of the same room during menstruation, it must be paid attention to.

In any case, at this special time period, girls must keep the bottom line, and boys must respect the woman and endure peace and calmness.

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