What are the dangers of anemia for pregnant women?How should pregnant women remedy anemia?

“Gir and pregnant women will supplement a variety of different nutrients during pregnancy, and the nutritional elements that focus on each stage are different. Replenishment for iron during pregnancy is also an essential element.It can also maintain a better figure, and the daily amount of meals is very small, which will cause the baby’s nutritional intake in the belly. This will not only cause severe physical anemia, but also cause the risk of premature or abortion.

So what kind of situation represents the anemia of pregnant women? What is the harm of anemia? How should the pregnant woman really remedy if there is a anemia?


If pregnant mothers have symptoms such as pale, cold hands and feet, always dizziness, weakness and other symptoms, it is recommended that pregnant mothers hurry up to the hospital for examination to check if anemia occurs.Drugs or food supplements to improve


If the mother is anemia during pregnancy, it will feel that the mother will not be able to mention the symptoms of spirit, insomnia, and sleep unsatisfactory every day.For babies, it is not just these influences. If you have been iron deficiency in your mother for a long time in your mother, it will cause the fetus to be accompanied by symptoms such as iron deficiency anemia.️ Parents must pay attention to it!


If pregnant women really have anemia, do not panic. Unless anemia is particularly serious, doctors will prescribe special dosage medicines. In most cases, it is recommended to go home to eat supplement.

· Foods with high iron content and easy to promote digestion and absorption: lean meat, animal viscera, kelp, fungus, soy products, animal blood

· Foods with higher protein content, which is conducive to ironing to better digestion and absorption in the human body

· In addition to protein, foods in vitamin C also help and absorb iron elements, such as tomatoes, citrus, kiwi, lemon and other vegetables and fruits

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