What are the differences between 21 days and 35 days of menstrual cycle?These three aspects are very different

From the beginning of the menstrual tide to the menopause period, the menstruation will be accompanied by women for more than 30 years. From a certain degree of speaking, menstruation is also a barometer for women’s health. By observing menstruation, women can also reflect women’s health.The situation, and the normal menstrual cycle is about 21 ~ 35 days, with an average of 28 days. HoweverWoolen cloth?These three aspects are very different, don’t take it to heart.

1. Different pregnancy rate

When women come to menstruation for the first time, it means that mature eggs have been excreted, which means that women have fertility. Therefore, women will excrete one or more eggs every month, but if women’s menstrual cycle is menstrual cycle, the menstrual cycle of women’s menstrual cycleThe surrogacy rate will also increase during 21 days.

2. Variety of follicles maturity

After the follicles are mature every month, mature eggs will be discharged, and the maturity of follicles has a certain relationship with women’s menstrual cycle. If women’s menstrual cycles are relatively short, it means that his follicles are mature faster, and the uterus of the uterus is relatively fast. The uterus of the uterus isThe endometrium thickening speed is also relatively fast, and for those women with a long menstrual cycle, it is just the opposite of this.

3. Different menstruation time

Because the number of eggs in each woman is basically fixed, and about 400 eggs are arranged in a lifetime. When the eggs are all discharged, it means that women have reached menopause.For girls with a faster speed, his speed will also speed up, and the number of eggs will be reduced rapidly, so it is easy to occur in advance menopause.

The above is the difference between 21 days and 35 days of women’s menstrual cycle. I hope everyone can understand that for this problem, if you still have other opinions or suggestions, you can also leave a message below for discussion.

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