What are the good places for children to eat duck meat?How to eat healthy and nutritious?

“Warm winter life”

Duck meat is a kind of meat that many people like. When it comes to delicious ducks, many people think of Beijing roast duck.In fact, if you want to eat delicious ducks at home, a dish is very suitable, that is, the Chenpi duck recommended to everyone today.

After being treated, Chen Pi is a medicine and a spice, and has its own unique fruity aroma.It has always been made of meat, which can not only relieve greasy, but also transmit your own taste to the flesh, so that the flesh also sucks the aroma of Chenpi.vague.Duck meat belongs to white meat and is rich in high -quality protein.The protein content of duck meat is about 15%, which is higher than pork, and the fat content is more than half lower than pork.

Eating it often helps to improve immunity and physical fitness, but it will not be too greasy; but compared to the cool duck, if you are not very good, you must pay attention to eating ducks.People do n’t know if they buy it true or not. In fact, it is necessary to identify Chenpi. It only takes three points!

① Chenpi is often peeled into a number of petals, connected to the base, and some are irregular sheets, 1-4mm thick.Orange -red or reddish brown on the outside, with fine wrinkles and recessed oils; the inner surface is light yellow and white, rough, yellow -white or yellow -brown tendon -like vascular bundle.The quality is slightly stiff and crispy.② Among them, the "Guangchen Skin" is often connected by 3 petals, neatly shaped, and the thickness is about 1mm.The point oil chamber is large, and the light is transparent and clear.Soferal quality

③ The outer skin is used for medicine, including all kinds of thin citrus citrus, but the thick orange and grapefruit peels of the skin should not be used for tangerine skin, including lime and sweet oranges such as Changshan Huhun in Zhejiang.Materials: 1 duck, a small coward, 2 slices of cinnamon, 2 slices of fragrant leaves, 3 pieces of ginger, 5 petals of garlic, old rock sugar, appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, old sauce, salt step: 1, Chenpi, ChenpiSoak in cold water for ten minutes, prepare spices

2. Chop the duck meat into a suitable size, soak the cold water pot for 10 minutes and wash it, and then clean it after simmering.

3. Heat the wok and pour it in an appropriate amount of edible oil.

4. Pour in the fried duck meat and stir -fry evenly and pour a lot of water

5. Add all spices and seasonings. After the fire is boiled, low heat and cook until the soup is thick

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