What are the medical examinations for civil servants?If there are major diseases, infectious diseases are not qualified, and ashore will be brushed up

Many small partners only pay attention to what to recruit and rarely pay attention to the physical examination.As a result, it took a lot of effort to prepare for the exam. After the written test of the written test, it did not pass. It wasted a lot of time and was hit.So how to check the physical examination and what are the medical examinations?Let’s take a look together:

1. Unified inspection

After the general civil servant interview is approved, the unit you apply for a telephone email will notify the medical examination at a certain time, but the medical examination will not inform the specific hospital in order to prevent some people from concealing the condition through the relationship.During the medical examination, electronic equipment such as mobile phones need to be handed over to the staff. Some regions will be ranked in advance, and some areas are drawn in some areas.One point is that you can’t disclose personal information with your doctor and staff during the examination process. Just like you can’t say at the interview, hello I am XXX.

2. Check the process and project

When you notify you, the staff will usually remind you not to stay up late, and the light diet will be empty on the day of the day.Civil servants’ inspection items are relatively comprehensive. There are projects in internal and surgery, basic eyes, ear, nose, throat, and various infectious diseases of the hepatitis B -hepatitis B -hepatitis B and so on.Girls will do one more gynecological examination than boys.

Third, these diseases can’t be checked

In the announcement of the civil servant recruitment announcement, the physical examination standards will be clearly written. Some positions have different requirements for medical examinations. For example, the army has requirements for naked eye vision, and aerospace has requirements for joints.Some diseases can be counted as physical examinations without recurrence within a certain period of treatment.These need to be carefully optimistic in the announcement.

You don’t have to be too scared for medical examinations. Most people are healthy. Even if the first physical examination index exceeds the standard, it will give you a second physical examination opportunity.Pregnancy can not do CT. Girls can take urine tests and gynecological examinations during menstruation.

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