What are the performances of women when women want love

Many women are not good at expressing, so as men should be good at observing some changes in women’s bodies.Today, I will tell you what the performance of women will have their bodies when they want love. Let ’s take a look.

Three performances of women when women want love

1. Pupil

When a woman is charming, the pupils will expand unconsciously.This is because her body is ready to accept more stimuli, so the brain commands the iris to expand, allowing more light to enter the eyeball.This is time for men to take action.

2, abdomen

Want to know if it is a good time now?Take a look at her breathing.When women inhale, the stomach is sunken, indicating that she is breathing shallow with her chest.This shows that she is under pressure, it is best not to go.If the abdomen and chest are bulging when inhaling, it means that she is breathing deeper, which is a signal of excitement and excitement.

3, chest

Sexual halo can judge the intensity of women’s excitement.If women’s breasts and faces slowly turn pink, it is telling you: do it right, continue.In addition, in the state of sexual excitement, the chest will swell, 25%larger than usual.

When do women want to love love most?

1. Summer

In one year, the number of summer times accounted for 66%of the total number of the year, followed by winter (16%), spring (14%) and autumn (4%).There are two main reasons in summer more frequently. One is that the brilliant sunlight has a strong influence on the pine fruit gland in the human brain.impulse.Second, no matter men and women, they are particularly sexy in summer, and naked skin can make people more confident in themselves.From the perspective of pregnancy, in the late summer and early autumn, it is more appropriate to from the end of July from late July to early September. At this time, the number of sperm is also high.

2. Saturday

In the "Ideal Day Rankings", as many as 44%of the respondents will be selected as the most suitable days of the week.The interviewed couple said that usually at 4:33 pm on Saturday, it will be "evoked", but it is generally postponed until the evening.In addition, Monday and Wednesday are relatively few days.

3. At 7 o’clock in the morning

Around 7 am, the most interesting men and women are the highest.At this time, the male androgens in men are the highest level and the quality will be ideal.From 9 am to 11 am, female sex hormones dropped rapidly, and men remained at a high level.At noon, men and women ushered in the second "small climax" of the day.From 7 to 10 pm, men are interesting and women are happy; after 10 pm, women are full of interest, but men just want to sleep.

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