What are the precautions for cat pregnancy?How to take care of cats during pregnancy?An article made clear

The normal pregnancy period of cats is 63 to 66 days, but some cats lasted until 71 days.If cats are born prematurely, most of them are born of death, or they die after birth.

Cats during pregnancy are particularly available, especially high protein and high -calorie foods, but if you feed high -quality foods and nutritional balance, you do not need to change the food within 2 to 3 weeks of pregnancy.quality.

Milk products, meat and eggs contain high -quality protein. Mix these foods with cat food, which can not only improve the protein content in the food, but also make the food more delicious, and it can still maintain nutritional balance.You can also use kitten milk powder to feed pregnant cats.

During pregnancy, cats’ appetite will continue to increase, and what they eat when they are about to give birth will be doubled before pregnancy.Cats during pregnancy are especially pursuing less food and more meals, because the growth of the fetus will compress the surrounding organs, and cats cannot eat a lot of food at one time.At this time, you can provide buffet for cats and let it eat.

Cats during pregnancy cannot do severe exercise, so it is best not to feed too much food, so as not to prevent the symptoms of obesity and muscle relaxation of cats, which will affect the production process of cats.

Since the cat is pregnant, the delivery room is what cat owners must prepare.The cardboard box is the best and simplest delivery room. Find a carton and open a mouth 10 to 15 cm from the bottom to facilitate the mother cat to enter and exit. It can also prevent the kitten from falling out.You can open the lid to take care of the kitten.It is best to let the female cat adapt to this box 1 week before production. You can try to put a clean soft towel to encourage it to sleep.

Two weeks before childbirth, cats will look for places suitable for production.The spacious and comfortable carton can make cats be assured of delivery, so you don’t have to bother to find it.There are delivery rooms specializing in female cats on the market. If you want to raise a kitten for a long time, you can also choose this strong plastic box.The length and width of the carton should be left with freeness after lying on the cat. The delivery room is too small. When the mother and the baby are squeezed together to sleep, it is likely to cause the kitten to breathe difficulty and die.Don’t be too deep in the delivery room. When the kittens can crawl, they like to run out. Too deep cartons are easy to break them, but don’t be too shallow. Without the body of the female cat, the cat will feel at ease.

Put a soft cloth on the bottom of the box, or shatter the newspaper, place the delivery room in the corner of the cat, or few people pass by.It is best to choose a place where winter is warm in summer and ventilation to help the growth of the kitten.It is best to put the cat’s toilet and basin and basin next to the delivery room to maximize the burden on the mother cat.

When cats are giving birth, the owner is best to reduce the number of times to go out, and check whether the pussy of the cat and cat is abnormal every day.And keep in touch with pet doctors at any time, so as not to cause the cat suddenly.When approaching the labor period, cut off the cat hair of the long hair cats and breasts, so that the kitten and kitten will drink milk.

In addition, you must also prepare the necessary appliances, towels, scissors (preferably disinfected in advance), newspapers, gauze, etc.Especially in winter, it is best to have an electric furnace to help keep warm.

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