What are the pregnant women who are pregnant?Attached to the production list and precautions

In my cognition, most of them are ordinary working families. There is no need to move everything in a brain as soon as I get pregnant (really waste money!), Buy things during pregnancy, it is still rational.In order to stock up, you can buy it right or expensive.

This article summarizes the experience of my own and my mother, give the expectant mothers a little reference ~

I think the list is still placed first, and it is convenient for pregnant mothers to collect ↓

In addition to the stocking of large necessary items during pregnancy, it is more about the actual shopping list of what I lack.

Although the shared these are good things I found during pregnancy, no matter whether it is currently pregnant or not, I may find a new thing that makes you want to try ~

To the end, you are also welcome to plant grass in the comment area. What do you buy ~

Before sharing, first a few of the stocks I summarized the stocking experience:

When do you stock up

1. Basically there is basically no need to stock up in the early pregnancy. Nutrients such as folic acid tablets are basically bought before pregnancy, or those who do not need to stock up in hospitals and pharmacies do not need to stock up.

2. After entering April of pregnancy, there will be some changes in the body: for example, as the stomach gradually grows stretch marks, the chest and abdomen become large, the clothing may not be suitable before …, No need to stock up a lot ~

3. After entering the second trimester, after June-July, the stomach may be more prepared, and it has accumulated a certain period of pregnancy and entered the role of mother. At this time, it is more rational to buy things.Step on the thunder.

Including products to be produced, alleviating stomach bloating, alleviating constipation and edema, and some baby supplies can also be purchased while the event ~

How to stock up in batches?

Don’t buy what you want to buy when you are pregnant.Because the things you need at each stage are different, it is impossible to fully want the things in the next few months.

It’s best to stock up in batches ~

The batch stocks are always inseparable from the three principles of "practicality", "security" and "storage issues".

According to my experience: 1. Buy a lot of money first

For example, if you want to buy wooden beds, you can start at 3-4 months from the due date.After buying it, scrub it and put it at home.

PS: Like breast pumps and strollers. For unswary first -tested mothers, I do n’t know if you should buy high landscapes or umbrella cars, bilateral or unilateral, you can not buy it first.(When you have a certain cognition, buy) 2. Consider your baby’s things

Starting around 28W, such as bathing and washing your hair, touching oil PP cream, etc., first study whether these things should be bought, what should I buy, and which brand should I choose.

You can add a shopping cart and not in a hurry to pay. It will be a lot cost -effective to start when the flagship store is activated ~

PS, not sure if the baby will use it. It is recommended to buy one or try out the installation.3. Mom to be used for delivery

About 28-30W is about to prepare. Do not put it too late to prevent the mental and physical condition of the later pregnancy.In addition, Baozi may also start early after a full month, so as not to be busy at that time.

It is also optimistic and looking for a reliable flagship store in advance, put it in a shopping cart, and then buy it during the event ~ 4. Baby consumables, check and make up for the shortage

Finally, at about 30-34W at about 30-34W, you can check the omissions and buy some babies, such as diapers, cotton soft towels. These things are particularly heavy and especially placed. In the end, just prepare!

Note that the baby grows fast after birth. Do not prepare too much diapers and baby clothing at once. NB diapers are generally prepared for 2-3 packs.

Finally, check the missing and supplement again, and buy whatever the difference, basically everything is ready!

In general, I still hope that everyone will grow grass and consume reasonable consumption ~

5. Mother’s dietary supplement during pregnancy

There may be pregnancy vomiting in the early pregnancy. It is easy to be hungry in the middle and late pregnancy, but dare not eat more for too much meat.

Fairy snacks (including shop recommendation)

① Meihua Township Flagship Store: I especially want to eat sour when I am pregnant, but the doctor said that it is best not to eat hawthorn. I usually eat all kinds of plums instead.This family sells the kind of plum stuffed beans, which is crispy and soft inside, but it is more suitable for sisters who want to eat sour and sugar during pregnancy.It is particularly good to be an appetizer.

② DGI Food Flagship Store: I think their small snacks can even enter during pregnancy. My favorite is the prestige protein rod, cloud chicken cake, muffin and whole wheat biscuits.It is also very good, I will eat it now.

③ Mint health flagship store: Sisters who want to control sugar can be closed, and their meat products, small snacks and even staple foods and nuts are very good.The sisters around me, including myself, have been buying at his house.

④ Jiale’s yogurt oatmeal: I like this in all kinds of fruit oatmeal I have eaten, crispy and sweet, with original flavor, strawberry -flavored blueberry apple grains and so on.

⑤ Sea moss and nuts: Eat these two more during pregnancy, supplement trace element iodine, calcium, etc.I usually buy these two in the supermarket, just pick your favorite taste.

⑥ The frozen -dried honey lemon slices bought by Hema: If there is severe pregnancy, add it to the soda to foam water, and it is very refreshing immediately.

Note: I see some bloggers who recommend vitality and water. I personally do not recommend drinking.Detoxifying and sweating during pregnancy, it is best to drink plenty of water. Make sure that about 2L of water intake a day. It is also good for alleviating constipation in the later stage.

Nutrition supplements (only for reference, you need to consult a doctor)

Folic acid and DHA are all equipped with hospitals (because I don’t like DHA with seafood). Calcium tablets are because I have a sciatic nerve pain in the early days.German Tieyuan.

Note: Be sure to buy according to your own situation, it is best to consult a doctor before starting.

6. Must be necessary to give birth

The expectant mothers need to go to the hospital and probably need the following ↓

Among them, mothers must bring: puzzle pads, disposable underwear, night with aunt towel, perineal flusher, toothbrush toothpaste, facial milk milk and other washing products, discharged clothing and hospital pajamas and socks;

Babies must bring: NB’s urine is not wet, baby’s hand -mouth wet towels and cotton towels, hip cream bottle cleaning agents, special cotton swabs, and quilt towels.

7. Preparatory notice and postpartum supplementary precautions

Regarding the knowledge points that must be known before childbirth, what needs to be purchased after delivery directly with a form to sort out the list and put down (including the products to be produced).

Notice!Large pieces such as diapers, cribs, safety seats, and small carts still need to be tied, it is best to prepare in advance.Even if you are in pregnancy, you can enter.

Instead, don’t stock up like babies’ clothes and urine. The baby grows quickly. In a blink of an eye, 52 yards of clothes and NB diapers are not used.

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