What are the signs of pregnancy?What are the calculation methods for due date?

After women’s pregnancy, the fetus grows and develops in the cell palace, which can cause many changes in the subjective sensation and objective examination of pregnant women. These changes can often be used as a basis for diagnosis of pregnancy, so these changes are called pregnancy.The symptoms of pregnancy include two aspects: symptoms and signs:

① Menstruation stops.After conception, because the internal organs and blood gathered to raise tires, the menstruation stopped, and the stop was often stopped by the normal menstruation.

② Nausea and vomiting.About half of the women, in the early pregnancy (6 ~ 12 weeks), because the blood gathered in the bottom, the qi of the veins is relatively strong.Nausea, loss of appetite, and varying degrees of vomiting, especially in the early morning, when the stomach is empty, it is even more uncomfortable.The hobby of food also changes. Generally, it is a favorite of sour and light food, and anorexia is greasy and thick.At the same time, the sense of smell is particularly sensitive, and it is easy to cause vomiting for foods with special smell.

③ The number of urination is increased.In the early pregnancy, the increase in the cell palace increased, pushing the bladder, which increased the number of urine times, but did not have the pain of astringent pain.

④ Dynamic pain in the lumbosacral region.5-10 weeks of pregnancy is the most obvious. The lumbosacral region of the spine suddenly occurs from from the bottom to the back of the shoulder.Temporary phenomenon.

⑤ Sathery and emotional instability.After pregnancy, most women often feel tired and lethargic because of qi and blood.And because of yin and blood, it is strong because of yin and blood, so pregnant women are prone to emotional unexplained.

① The cell (child) palace gradually becomes round, softened, and grown up.

② The cervix and vagina are obviously blue -purple after pregnancy, which is very soft, and the vaginal discharge increases.

③ The breasts gradually increased after pregnancy, the nipples and areolas become black, and the nipples are hardened. There are small round knots around. If the breast is squeezed in the late pregnancy, a small amount of yellow liquid can be obtained.

④ Skin pigmentation.Generally, after two or three months of pregnancy, the forehead, cheeks and abdomen lines appear at the abdomen, and only individuals are not obvious.

⑤ Belly abdominal bloating.After three months of pregnancy, with the growth of the fetus, the increased cell palace rose to the abdomen, causing the abdomen to swell, and the bottom of the cell palace can be felt at the abdomen.

⑥ The pulse is more common at the beginning of conception, but it is slightly weaker in two feet.Two or three months later, the pulse will change significantly. Generally, the two -foot slippery profit will be used, and the re -pressing will gradually develop into the six veins.There are also women who are inch veins at the beginning of conception, which is different from the ruler veins.If a woman with fertility conditions, see the above symptoms and signs, can be diagnosed as pregnancy.

Women’s menstrual cycle is generally 28 days, that is, about 4 weeks. After pregnancy, a menstrual cycle often calls a monthly month.EssenceFor a total of 40 weeks during this period, about 280 days.In order to prepare for preparation, each pregnant woman should know their due date and understand if the due date is calculated day by day?No, the following two methods can generally be used:

1. Moly menstrual calculation algorithm.Based on the last menstrual period, the due date is the most commonly used method in the clinic.

Generally, the first day of the last menstrual period is calculated, the monthly decrease, and the result of the number of days plus 7 is the due date.For example, the last menstrual period is April 3, 2021, the month is 3, and the number of daily plus 7 is 10, so the expected date of the pregnant woman is around January 10, 2022.If pregnancy is from January to March, in order to calculate the convenience, the monthly month and the number of days can be increased by 9, and the results of the income are expected.For example, the last menstrual period is February 5, 2022, the month of 9 is 11, and the number of daily plus 7 is 12, so the expected date of the pregnant woman is around November 12.If the menstrual cycle of pregnant women usually exceeds 30 days, the number of days to be delayed accordingly will be delayed accordingly.

2. Symptoms or signs.If the pregnant woman cannot remember the second menstrual period in the end of the second menstrual period, or the menstrual period is not allowed, or when the breastfeeding period is pregnant, the above calculation method cannot be used, and the symptoms or signs can be calculated.

① Based on the start date of pregnancy vomiting: Many women have nausea and vomiting in the early pregnancy, and early pregnancy reactions such as loss of appetite. This reaction is generally starting at the last 42 days of menstruation (that is, weekend 6 pregnancy), about 80 days (that is, (that is, that is, that is,12 weeks) disappear, so the due date can be calculated from 42 days of early pregnancy reaction to 280 days, which is the due date.However, some pregnant women have early pregnancy reactions far earlier than 42 days, and some pregnant women have never experienced early pregnancy reactions from pregnancy to childbirth. Therefore, this method is used to calculate the due date, which is very limited.

② Based on the start date of the fetal movement: The activity of the fetal limbs in the palace is called fetal movement, and the subjective feeling of pregnant women feels that fetal movements are mostly about 18-20 weeks of pregnancy (ie, 5 months of pregnancy).It is the due date of about 20 weeks.

③ Based on the height of the palace: if the pregnant woman can remember the exact last menstrual date, and the pregnant woman who does not have obvious or non -fetal movement in the early pregnancy.Available in the palace bottom to calculate the due date.Because after pregnancy, the uterus gradually increases with the growth of the fetus, and rises from the pelvic cavity to the abdominal cavity. Generally speaking, the uterus is as large as a newborn in March in pregnancy.The bottom is about between the pubic and umbilical of the pubic bone; the bottom of the uterus at the end of May is 2 horizontal finger below the umbilicus; the bottom of the uterus is about to be flat at the end of June;The upper and swordsters are the highest at the end of September. The middle of the uterine bottom is about 2 horizontal fingers below the sword. The two sides are under the threat. At the end of October, the bottom of the uterus returned to the height at the end of August, but it was flat from the end of August.This can be preliminarily estimated based on the height of the uterine bottom, and the period of pregnancy is preliminarily estimated, and the due date.

The two methods above are more accurate with the last menstrual period, and the symptoms and signs of the algorithm are large.If the application symptoms and the signs of the algorithm can be combined with the height of the uterine bottom and the fetal movement algorithm, so that the judgment can be more accurate.

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