What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?Except that the menstruation does not come, these signals indicate that you are pregnant

It is difficult to see what is the difference from the body for a month, but the body is very honest. Except for menstruation, it will send a series of pregnancy signals. At this time, you need to know more about it.have no idea!

So, when does the symptoms start in the early stages of pregnancy?

The symptoms of pregnancy appear from the fourth week after pregnancy. Of course, the most obvious is that the menstrual period has not been reported on time.This is because after conception, women’s bodies will start secreting estrogen to expand uterus in order to protect the fetus.

However, in fact, women’s bodies have entered a state of pregnancy from the third week after conception. Before that, the pregnancy testing drugs could not detect whether they were pregnant.

So what are the obvious symptoms of expectant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy?


Vomiting is a very obvious symptom of pregnant women. Generally, it will appear after a week of pregnancy. Sometimes food that has been eaten once will not want to eat it again.EssencePregnancy vomiting, commonly known as harm joy.Many pregnant women accompanied by the end of the morning dream, and the unhappy feelings felt that they would vomit the sky.In addition, the evening is also a period of severe pregnancy.During pregnancy, expectant mothers are likely to be disgusting because they smell certain odors, so they often have no appetite and cause weight loss.

Increased body temperature

After pregnancy, the effects of hormones such as progesterone in the receptor, the physical temperature of expectant mothers will increase, and it is difficult to fall.In the early stages of pregnancy, the physical symptoms are not obvious, but one thing is that the basic body temperature is high.If you record the basal body temperature and find that your base temperature is high temperature for 18 consecutive days, you are likely to be pregnant.

The breasts become larger and sensitive

One of the early signs of pregnancy is breast sensitivity and pain, which is caused by the improvement of your hormone level.Feeling is very similar to the tenderness a few days before menstruation.So if breast bloating and pain occur, but menstruation does not come, it is likely to be pregnant.This discomfort will improve significantly after 3 months of pregnancy. At this time, your body has adapted to changes in hormones during pregnancy.

Increased urination times

Shortly after pregnancy, you may find that you always run to the bathroom.Why is this so?Mainly because during pregnancy, the increase in blood and other liquids in your body will cause more liquid to be discharged into the bladder through kidney treatment and become urine.This symptom may have begun to appear as early as you were just 6 weeks of pregnancy.With the advancement of pregnancy, babies that continue to grow up will put greater pressure on your bladder, and frequent urination may continue, and it will even be more serious.

Under normal circumstances, there are two types of early pregnancy test strips: dripping urine in the testing hole on the test strip, such as a ribbon appeared in the test strip control area (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue)It means that it is not conceived. On the contrary, if there are obvious double bands in the detection area, it means positive and indicates that pregnancy occurs.This detection has the advantages of fast, convenient, sensitive, and highly specificity, which can avoid cross -reaction caused by other glucose hormones with similar structures with HCG.

However, women who have early pregnancy must remember that early pregnancy test strips can only be used as a preliminary screening. If positive, they must go to the hospital for confirmation.At the same time, be careful not to be too violent when you are in the same room, avoid compressing the abdomen of pregnant women and hurt the fetus.Pay attention to rest after pregnancy, and regularly go to the hospital for pregnancy examination.

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