What are the symptoms of the body in the early pregnancy?These 8 symptoms are the most obvious, pregnant women say it is exactly the same

Lan Lan has been pregnant for more than 4 months. I didn’t feel any abnormalities in her body. Friends who often heard about pregnancy said how to be in the early stages of pregnancy, and why did she feel that she didn’t feel it?Is it pregnant with a fake pregnancy.Every time she goes to the production inspection at a prescribed time, and every birth checkup is smooth. What is going on?Make her puzzled.

In fact, there are no two the same people in the world, no exactly the same pregnant women, and no exactly the same two pregnancy.Even if the same person feels different, the two pregnancy feels different, so as long as there is no problem with the birth checkup.

Lan Lan was still curious, and she wanted to know what symptoms were generally generally presented before 4 months of pregnancy.Pregnant women are big, let me talk about some common feelings before 4 months of pregnancy.

It felt very fierce before 4 months of pregnancy. I knew that 3 months in the early pregnancy were a hurdle. In the past, most of them were spring.Let’s take a look at the specific feeling.

Many pregnant mothers feel pregnant, especially after getting up in the morning, when brushing their teeth, there will be obvious pregnancy and retching.Some pregnant mothers vomit in the afternoon or evening.This is due to the dual effects of elevated progesterone levels and the dual effects of hypoglycemia.

After the level of progesterone rises, the smooth muscles of the digestive tract will be released, which slows down the gastrointestinal peristalsis and acid reflux, resulting in a bad appetite.

Most mothers have this citrus, and the amount of rice is much less than before pregnancy.

The sense of smell becomes extremely sensitive, and it feels nauseous when smelling the smell that may hurt the fetus.Such as alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, greasy smell, barbecue, etc.This may be that the protection mechanism of the fetus has started.

Some foods that originally loved did not like to eat. For example, I especially like to drink yogurt and vegetables during pregnancy. I do n’t like to drink yogurt for a while after pregnancy. I do n’t like to eat vegetables.

Some may also be like a certain food, and there will be some different foods, such as eating soil and chalk.

After pregnancy, the blood flow increases, the body will feel very tired, and always want to lie down.I have also had similar experiences. The symptoms were the most obvious in the previous month, and it would improve after 3 months.

After pregnancy, the uterus increases, the bladder is stimulated, and the urine will be discharged, so it will feel that the urine is severe, and the toilet running is much diligent.

After the uterine increases, the uterine ligament will be pulled, and some will feel abdominal spasm, which is a bit like cramps.Some mothers may think that the fetus is not safe, in fact, it shows that it is in the camp.

After pregnancy, the breasts began to prepare for future lactation.The breasts become larger, the areola becomes black, and it is somewhat painful, and it improves after a period of adaptation.

This feeling is basically 4 months before pregnancy. Pregnant mothers can compare themselves.Many mothers say that these symptoms are available for 4 months, and it seems that the symptoms of mothers are still not a small number.

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