What are the unusual changes after pregnancy, how many do you have?

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Summary: The belly has grown hair!

From the moment the two bars were tested, the lives of young pregnant women were destined to be calm.

As the first journey of the pregnant mothers in the first three months of pregnancy, it seems that calmness is turbulent.

On the surface, the body has not changed, and the body has actually changed dramatically.

Some mothers say that those strange changes in early pregnancy make people feel that they are not human at one time at a certain moment. Some mothers even feel that their preferences have completely changed. See if these are you:

The super smell of pregnant mothers can be a detective.The changes in estrogen will make all the small smells launch a comprehensive attack on the nostrils, the taste of food, the taste of coriander, the smell of perfume, the smell of the oil fume next door, and when you smell it, you want to vomit.

Come on pregnancy.Pregnancy is a mountain that is unsuitable in the early stages of pregnancy. The mother who vomits wants to vomit in the morning, wants to vomit at noon, does not eat and wants to vomit, and wants to vomit more. Try ginger and lemon to relieve it.

The feeling of chest bloating came and left again.The wonderful thing is that it started to swell since I knew that the chest was pregnant, but even more strange, suddenly it disappeared one day.

Want to eat greasy food.Those junk foods or greasy foods are full of attractiveness in front of some small pregnant women, and every cell of the whole body is longing for it.

Extreme hunger.No matter where you go, you must carry emergency snacks with you, otherwise you are not only nauseous when you are hungry, but also your blood sugar and dizziness.

Ginger flavor gum and mint tea bags in the bag must be hidden.Many mothers want to wait for the baby to stabilize and announce the news of pregnancy, so those small snacks that alleviate the pregnancy in the bag must be hidden well to avoid leaking the opportunity.

I am most afraid that there is a sense of humidity below.In the early stages of pregnancy, he was most afraid of bleeding and redness. As long as you feel a little warm, you have to go to the bathroom to confirm. Such a pregnant mother grabs a lot.

Several days until 12 weeks.It seems that the baby is safe enough, and the discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy is basically disappeared. Then build a file to listen to the fetal heart and usher in a comfortable middle pregnancy.

Any hot and sharp thing automatically avoid.I am most afraid of those hot, cold, sharp things, and subconscious will protect their big belly, although it is not obvious at this time.

Ordinary clothes can’t be worn.Obviously, the belly is not big, but it seems that I feel like wearing any pants. The jeans tights are basically retired. The favorite is those loose clothes in the wardrobe, with a pair of leggings, comfortable.

I want to eat healthy but want to eat fries.In order to eat very healthy baby pregnant women, eat natural organic foods, eat fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I really want to eat potato chips and potato burgers to satisfy their desires and eat less at a time.

Feeling like a real walking hot water bottle.I feel that the whole body is emitting heat. Others wear long sleeves, and pregnant mothers have to wear short sleeves. This is because the blood in the pregnant woman has increased blood and the blood is closer to the surface of the skin. Therefore, pregnant mothers will be hotter than ordinary people.

The belly has grown hair.This is not surprising. A mother exposed her stomach of her 3 months of pregnancy. Yes, it is a furry belly. Pregnant hormones will cause this change, maintain ordinary heart, just give birth to a baby.

Everyone feels like everyone knows.Just like a flashing lighthouse on your head, and a loudspeaker screaming "This person is pregnant!"

Tiring is unbelievable and sleeps everywhere.In the cinema, in the bus, you don’t even need to sit down to fall asleep. Pay attention to protect yourself. Don’t let yourself fall. If you are sleepy, find a place to rest.

Touching your belly is your daily life.Know how you expose the secret of pregnancy, because your hand has never left your belly.

It is full of precautions for stretch marks.Every 20 minutes check that the belly is not excessive at all. Tell you a trick that starts to care for the belly in the early stages of pregnancy, which is still effective for preventing stretch marks.

Worried about any loud noise or music deafening the baby.But covering the stomach with your hands can not play a role in protecting your baby’s ears.

Jeans are no longer fit.Even if your jeans are worn together yesterday, you have not felt that you can’t wear it today.

Stomach burning will knock your body.When the valve between the stomach and the esophagus cannot prevent the gastric acid flow from returning to the catering, gastric burning will occur.During pregnancy, hormone progesterone can cause the valve to relax, thereby increasing the frequency of stomach burning.In this way, gastric acid can enter the esophagus and stimulate the endometrium. Try to eat less meals, eat for an hour after meals to avoid spicy, greasy and high -fat foods.

The favorite coffee dare not let go.Because the caffeine consumed by pregnant women per day should not exceed 200-300 mg, they will drink carefully, taste it slowly, and satisfy their desire and not greedy.

Switch to constipation to the diarrhea.Pathotin can cause constipation due to dyspepted difficulties. Constipation and diarrhea are randomly staged. Occasionally diarrhea does not matter, but long -term diarrhea can cause dehydration and severe dehydration can cause pregnancy complications. Therefore, you should seek medical treatment in time if necessary.

I really want to announce this amazing news.I really want to tell my friends and friends about the news of pregnancy, but the fetus does not want to say before it is stable. This feeling is very crash because you want to tell the amazing news around the world.

Everything is worth it.There will be many changes in early pregnancy, and pregnant mothers will change a lot for this, but when you enter the second stage of pregnancy safely, as long as the baby is healthy and healthy, it is worth it!

Pregnancy is really a wonderful experience. You can endure the discomfort of ten months of discomfort for this, and you can also quit the food you once loved, just for the little baby in the stomach to grow up healthy.

This is mother!

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