What are the ways to relieve gastric acid during pregnancy?Do these 4 small things, or it can effectively alleviate

Pregnancy is a very great and sacred thing for women, but due to pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, gastric acid is often occurred, and nausea will occur in severe cases.This will make pregnant women feel uncomfortable and affect the appetite of pregnant women.Therefore, we must pay attention to the condition of gastric acid, and to clarify the cause of gastric acid in order to actively treat.

1. What are the causes of gastric acid during pregnancy?

1. Increases of progesterone and estrogen during pregnancy can lead to increased gastric acid. The emergence of progesterone will make the muscles in the digestive system more relaxed than normal, so that the frequency of gastric peristalsis becomes lower.When food reaches the stomach, it is often difficult to digest due to the low frequency of peristalsis, so the stomach will secrete more gastric acid.

2. Incorrect sleeping position during rest can also lead to gastric acid. The position of the feet is higher than the head position when sleeping.After gastric secretion, gastric acid will flow in the head direction of the head with a lower position, and will flow along the esophagus to the throat position, that is, gastric acid.

3. Some pregnant mothers during pregnancy will want to eat sour, spicy foods, but they do not know about acid, spicy, cold and cold irritating foods.Usually overeating can cause food accumulation, aggravate the burden on the stomach, and increase the secretion of gastric acid.

4. Grancoloral foods can reduce the smooth muscle tone of the esophagus, unable to control the reflux of gastric acid, and also exacerbate the reflux of gastric acid.

2. What are the ways to relieve gastric acid during pregnancy?

1. When resting, the lower body should not be higher than the upper body. The pillow can be raised to raise the upper body to avoid causing gastric acid reflux.

2. Avoid overeating, especially at night, you should not eat too much at night. The frequency of peristalsis of the stomach at night will cause indigestible symptoms. Try to eat two hours before going to bed and eat less meals.Help reduce the burden on the stomach.

3. Try to be as loose as possible, try to avoid wearing tight clothes. Tight clothes are likely to bold the abdomen and stomach, which will also cause stomach acid reflux.

4. You can use medication to solve the problem of gastric acid during pregnancy. A non -prescribing drugs containing magnesium -containing magnesium are used. However, you must ask the doctor to take it after taking the drug during pregnancy to avoid adverse reactions.

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