What basic examinations do I have to do after pregnancy?This production inspection guide is taken away without thanks

The mood after pregnancy is sweet and happy. At the same time, many novice prospective mothers are also worried, and they are confused about pregnancy precautions and inspection items.

Don’t worry, I have compiled a guide for the most complete pregnancy test for everyone, and look down patiently ~

The entire pregnancy is actually about nine months. The October conceives that I usually hear are calculated based on 28 days per month, totaling 280 days, that is, 40 gestational weeks.

The calculation during pregnancy starts from the first day of the last menstruation. The first three months are called early pregnancy, the middle of the middle is called in the middle of pregnancy, and the last few months is called the third trimester.

Different stages have different inspections to be completed.

Early pregnancy

5-8 weeks after menopause, usually a ultrasonic examination (vagina) to determine whether it is pregnant in the palace, whether it is pregnancy, whether there are fetal heartbeats and weeks of pregnancy.

After determining early pregnancy in the palace, when the fetus is developing stable in about 12 weeks, it is necessary to complete the blood routine, blood type, urine routine, liver function, renal function, empty blood glucose, thyroid function, infectious diseases, four coagulation functions, eight eighth eighth, folic acid, folic acid, folic acid, and folic acidMetabolic capacity gene detection, electrocardiogram, leucorrhea routine and other inspections are used for building cards and handling pregnancy checkbooks.In layman’s terms, the metabolism of folic acid is to determine the amount of folic acid that must be intake daily, and to supplement folic acid in strict accordance with the doctor’s order.

The second ultrasonic examination is performed within 11 to 13 weeks +6 days to measure the baby’s NT value (the thickness of the transparent layer of the fetal neck). Generally speaking, the NT value is greater than 3mm.It shows that the fetus must be abnormal, and the comprehensive analysis of clinical and post -deficiency examination must be combined. Specific mothers must not scare themselves ~

Mid -pregnancy

The third conventional ultrasound examination was performed in 15-18 weeks to monitor the fetal heart and other development. In addition, it was necessary to complete the screening of Tang’s syndrome, 18-trisomy syndrome, and neural tube defects.Nowadays, most hospitals have deformed examinations such as ordinary Tang family screening, non -invasive DNA and amniotic fluid puncture. The latter two are above 2000, but the accuracy is correspondingly high, but not all expectant mothers have to do amniotic fluid puncture. This is.There is a certain risk of inspection, and expectant mothers must obey the doctor’s advice to do the examination.

The fourth conventional ultrasound examination was performed in 19-22 weeks to monitor the fetal heart and other development. At this stage, the expectant mothers can already feel the obvious fetal movement. Pay attention to grasping the rules of the baby’s fetal movement.Seek medical treatment in time, and the expectant mothers who appear with cramps remember to supplement calcium on time ~

24-28 weeks completed the in the second trimester of the fetal system ultrasound screening for large discharge, which is what we call the four -dimensional ultrasound. This is the most important ultrasonic examination during the entire pregnancy.For a systematic and detailed inspection of the long bones of the limbs, it takes a long time. Expectant mothers can prepare some chocolate bands on their bodies. When the baby is turned over and cooperates, you can eat some chocolate, or climb the stairs to stimulate the baby to turn over.

Late pregnancy

The glucose tolerance test (OGTT) test (OGTT) is conducted from 26 weeks to 28 weeks to review blood routine and urine routine.Remember to take the empty stomach when you do sugar, you need to draw three blood in total, once on an empty stomach, one hour after drinking glucose, two hours after drinking glucose, do not eat a small amount of water after eight o’clock the night before the sugar resistance screening.

After 32 weeks, the frequency of going to the hospital will increase, shortening to every two weeks to perform conventional examinations such as fetal heart monitoring, fetal position and umbilical cord around the neck, review the blood routine, urine routine, liver function, kidney function, etc.Mother -in -necked mothers do not have to be nervous. Most babies will go out by themselves. As long as they pay attention to fetal movements, they can seek medical treatment in time if there are abnormalities.The third trimester is the time when the heart burden of pregnant mothers is the heaviest. Due to the increasing uterus, symptoms such as dyspnea may occur. If there is discomfort, you must go to the hospital in time.

After 35 weeks, the frequency is shortened again. You need to go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring every week to observe the state of the fetus. Near childbirth, expectant mothers must relax.

35-37 weeks to complete the B-family hemolytic links, review B-ultrasound, umbilical blood flow, fetal supervision, and evaluate fetal weight and childbirth methods.High -risk pregnant mothers such as hip positions, horizontal positions, scars, twins, and gestational diabetes can be admitted to the hospital for delivery.Through a comprehensive examination of doctors can fully understand the state of pregnant mothers and fetuses, the fetus is full after 37 weeks, and pregnant mothers may be produced at any time. Therefore, do not go away at this stage. It is best to accompany them when going out.

If the symptoms of abdominal pain, redness, and regular contractions occur in time, this may be to seek medical treatment in time. This may be that the baby is going to be born. After the full moon, the pregnant mothers should prepare the birth pack and wait for the baby’s arrival.

Everyone must be checked on time on time, but you can’t have a chance. Finally, I wish youn a safe production of pregnant mothers and live your baby’s health ~

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