What benefit can the body gain for drinking astragalus soaking water?It is better to match with 3 flavors of traditional Chinese medicine

Aunt Wang is 63 years old and usually pays attention to health.Aunt Wang’s constitution is relatively weak. I heard that astragalus has the effect of nourishing qi and blood and enhancing immunity. Therefore, she has insisted on drinking with astragalus water every day from a year ago.

Aunt Wang felt that there was no physical discomfort for a while, but due to the turning season some time ago, the weather was cold and hot, which caused Aunt Wang to have a cold.She thought that she had a cold and had a lot of virtual body, so she increased the astragalus soaked in water, but she got angry a few days after drinking.

Aunt Wang is very puzzled. How can the Chinese medicine from Nongzhong Yiqi get angry?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main effect of astragalus is to replenish qi, which is the strongest in various Chinese medicines, and is more suitable for people with physical qi deficiency. For exampleCancer patients with chemotherapy.

Professor Li Jiren, a master of Chinese medicine in his 90s, also said that he successfully reversed the three highs to adhere to the traditional Chinese medicine tea that he insisted on drinking himself every day, and astragalus is the most important medicine.

Is it good or bad for the body for a long time to drink astragalus water?

Astragalus is commonly used in daily Chinese medicine. Some people will use water and porridge, and people will add it to the dishes to eat. What is the effect of astragalus?

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, astragalus has a warm and sweet taste, and enters the spleen and lung meridians.Modern pharmacological studies have found that astragalus can enhance the human body’s immune function, hypoxia resistance and stress ability.

But after all, astragalus belongs to Chinese medicine, and some friends may worry about whether eating astragalus for a long time will hurt liver and kidney.

The research and analysis of the nephrology team of the University of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital shows that the total relief rate of pure western medicine treatment is 68%when treating membrane kidney disease, and the total relief rate of Chinese medicine compound combined with western medicine treatment mainly based on astragalus can be used.As high as 86.9%.

It can also effectively reduce the chance of adverse reactions, and also have obvious advantages in improving the relief rate and reducing urine protein.

Lu Yueqing, director of the Blood Purification Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, reminded that what really hurts the kidney is Chinese medicine and Chinese medicines containing ingredients of aristoline, such as Aoki, cinnabar, aristolochrus, Guanmutong, Guangfangji, Tianxiang vine and Xun XunxunBone wind, etc., it is recommended to follow the doctor’s guidance when taking these medicines.

In addition to replenishing qi, there is still the following benefits to drink astragalus soaked water every day:

1. Improve immunity

The content of various nutrients such as amino acids and trace elements of astragalus is high. After drinking astragalus water, it can enhance immunity, reduce the incidence of various diseases, and help prevent colds.

2. Relieve brain fatigue

The trace elements contained in Astragalus have the effect of stimulating the brain and relieving brain fatigue. Therefore, when you are sleepy or tired, you can try to drink a glass of astragalus water.

3. Eliminate edema

Astragalus can benefit water and swelling, especially patients with chronic kidney disease and hypertension who are prone to leg edema. Drinking some astragalus water can help eliminate edema to a certain extent.

4. Supplement Zhongyi Qi

Chinese medicine believes that astragalus has the effect of nourishing qi and qi, and often takes astragalus for patients with weak constitution, weak pulse, weak pulse, and tirelessness.Drinking some of astragalus water in daily life can also supplement energy, improve shortness of gas, and enhance immunity.

It should be noted that although astragalus soaked in water, some people are not suitable for drinking.

First, women who are in menstruation, otherwise it may affect menstruation and physical health;

Second, pregnant women during pregnancy, because astragalus may cause skating tires, and will also damage the health of the fetus and pregnant women;

Third, patients with tuberculosis, because Astragalus can easily cause cough and sputum, resulting in worsening tuberculosis condition;

Fourth, patients with symptoms such as sore throat, fever, and cold in the early stages of a cold, because astragalus can replenish qi, if premature use can cause "closed doors" and cause a cold to be difficult to heal.

Compared with the single use of astragalus, other medicinal materials can be used to play more health effects after soaking in water.Astragalus red dates tea

Formula: 10 grams of astragalus, 6 red dates 6

Method: First wash astragalus and red dates, and then remove the red dates.Then add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add astragalus and red dates, boil over high heat and turn over low heat for 20 minutes.Drink it when it is warm.

Efficacy: Astragalus red jujube tea can not only replenish qi, but also nourish blood. It is very suitable for those who are weak and weak, and they are also suitable for drinking in winter.

Poria Astragalus Tea

Form: 3 grams of astragalus, 5 grams of Poria

Method: Put astragalus and Poria in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over low heat and boil for 10 minutes.Drink it when it is warm.

Efficacy: Astragalus can nourish qi and raise the sun, while Poria can remove moisture. The cooperation between the two can better mobilize the yang in the body.Drinking this tea in summer can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.Astragalus wolfberry tea


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