What can I not eat for science and psychic gout, hypertension, and diabetes?What are you having to get sick?

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Although some practices are not scientific, in fact, "taboo" is to make the disease better, and we should understand the taboos of common diseases.

If you don’t pay attention to the corresponding diet taboos when you are different, not only are it not conducive to recovery, but even aggravate the condition.

This is a dietary taboo that helps you with high blood pressure, diabetes, and gout. After reading it, please collect it!

What do patients with high blood pressure eat less?

Most of the patients with hypertension do not have specific symptoms. A small number of people will have headaches and bloating, stiff necks, and only after mental tension, anger, and severe physical activity, and most of them return to normal after rest.

However, long -term hypertension may cause the harm of heart, brain, kidney, and bottom of the eyes and corresponding complications.Therefore, hypertension has become a "silent killer" again!

Reasonable meals can prevent control and delay the occurrence of hypertension complications.The reasonable diet model of hypertension does not have specific food types for banning, but it is strongly recommended to avoid high sodium, high -fat foods and drinks that cause blood vessel contraction and brain excitement.Patients with hypertension need strict restrictions on food as follows:

High sodium salt food

Sodium is an indispensable constant element in the human body. It plays the body in the human body to regulate the water and osmotic pressure in the body; maintain the acid -base balance; participate in the generation and utilization of energy; muscle exercise; maintaining important physiological effects such as normal blood pressure and cardiovascular function.

However, many research conclusions show that long -term high -sodium diet is the main risk factors of hypertension in the world, and the level of evidence is A -level.High -sodium diet can also increase the risk of tumors such as gastric cancer.

Common foods that belong to high sodium include bacon, smoked meat, ham enema, pickles, shrimp skin, sea rice, kelp, and some of the sodium content in some condiments, such as soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, oyster sauce, vinegar, bean paste, etc.If these condiments have been added in cooking, the amount of salt must be reduced.What needs to be particularly vigilant is that many processing foods and drinks will also contain invisible sodium salts, such as soda biscuits, soda, beer, etc.

Foods rich in fat, especially animal fat

The oil in the food is mainly the oil from the plant and the fat from the animals. It is a trigramithiglcel ester consisting of glycerin and fatty acids. As one of the three major energy supply nutrients, the oil is closely related to human health.

Studies have shown that the total oil supply ratio does not exceed 30%to help maintain weight. If the function ratio drops to less than 24%, it can reduce blood pressure. Under the premise of controlling the total energy supply ratioblood pressure.Therefore, patients with hypertension should eat less oil, good oil, do not eat and eat less animal oil and fat, and reduce the intake of saturated fat.

The cooking method of food will change the fat content. The oil content in fried fried foods will be very high. You should choose more processing methods such as cooking, boiling, stewed pot, and baking.

Wine, spicy food and fine processing food

High potassium ingredients and some wines and some plant chemicals can help maintain normal blood pressure and reduce inflammation. However, drinking a lot of alcohol can increase heart rate, increase blood vessels, increase inflammation, and promote calcium salt, cholesterol and other depositionOn the wall of the blood vessels, the blood pressure increases.

Exquisite processing foods with low spicy food and dietary fiber are likely to cause difficulty in defecation. When the blood pressure rises sharply during stool, it may induce cerebral hemorrhage.Therefore, avoiding too much intake of alcohol, spicy food and fine food is essential for patients with hypertension.

What can I not eat diabetes?

If the diet of the diabetic people can form the following habits under the premise of controlling the total heat of the control, it can also live as long as a healthy person.

” 样

“, Low salt, high dietary fiber

” 少 少 多

” Eat vegetables first, then eat meat, and finally eat staple food

However, there are many misunderstandings of diabetic diet taboos, and the results of the wrong diet taboos can not achieve the purpose of giving patients’ blood sugar, blood lipids to normal levels, maintaining or reaching the ideal weight, delaying or reducing complications.The diet of patients with diabetes should pay attention to the following taboos:

Strictly limit the addition of sugar and free sugar

White sugar, brown sugar, rock sugar, square sugar, honey, all kinds of candy and sugar -containing beverages belong to the category of adding sugar, while fruit juice, dried fruits and glucose belong to free sugar.Pure energy foods are very unsuitable for people with diabetes. They should strictly limit the intake of adding sugar and free sugar, unless hypoglycemia occurs.

Reduce foods that eat well, absorb fast, and quickly raise blood sugar after meals

Rice porridge, white bread, hair noodles, soup noodles, and almost all Chinese and Western pastries, fruits such as litchi, longan, persimmons, sugar cane, jujube and other fruits can be quickly raised blood sugar.edible.

Reduce foods with high consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol

Animal oil, animal viscera, fatty meat and chicken, duck, pork skin and other ingredients saturated fatty acids and cholesterol content are high. It is recommended that diabetic patients eat less or not to eat.

What can you not eat high uric acid?

High uric acid is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood uric acid caused by reduced purine excretion or/endogenous purine.

If hyperuricemia is not controlled, uric acid deposits in the blood may induce gout after crystals.In addition, hyperuricemia is also an independent risk factors for diabetes, abnormal blood lipids, chronic kidney disease and stroke -mate -proclaimed diseases.

Reducing the intake of exoginer in diet, promoting and maintaining the appropriate nutritional state of the body can reduce the load of blood uric acid, which can reduce the risk of further development into gout and delay the occurrence and development of related complications.

In general, the diet taboo of high uric acid is to reduce the intake of high purine food and the intake of foods that affect uric acid excretion.details as follows:

Avoid high purine diet

Livestock poultry meat, seafood and animal offal, as well as high purine content in foods such as spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, and patients with high uric acid should be avoided.The content of purine in the food is: Internal organs > Meat> Fish> Dry Beans > Nuts > Leaf Cuns> Cereals > Fruits.

Reduce the intake of fat

Due to high uric acid patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other diseases, the proportion of energy and fat energy supply should be controlled by 10%-20%compared with normal people.Therefore, we should try to avoid foods with high fat content and insist on cooking habits of less oil.

Don’t overeating or eat a large amount of meat in a meal

Abandoning soup after cooking of seafood, meat and high purine plant foods can reduce the amount of purine.

Avoid high -salt diet

Long -term high -salt diet will increase the burden on the kidneys and affect uric acid excretion. Therefore, patients should avoid eating foods with high salt content such as sausage, salted fish, kimchi, etc.

Forbidden alcohol, control fruit sugar intake

Alcohol in the body’s metabolites will inhibit the discharge of uric acid, and excessive intake of fructose can also reduce uric acid excretion from the kidneys.Try to avoid drinking and juice.

Experts in this article: Mi Lize, Chief Physician of Nutrition, Popular Science Member of the Chinese Nutrition Society

Source: Science Popularization China

Edit: Wang Yanqing

Responsible editor: Huo Tianchen

Review: Ma Fengyou

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