What do cats dream about when they sleep for more than ten hours a day?

Don’t disturb the cat’s sleep, otherwise you will have unexpected situations!

Late at night, it is a frightened parkour warrior, and it is an enviable sleeping elves during the day.Sleeping it, sometimes Jiojio beating, sometimes whispering, sometimes tongue tongue, and sometimes leaning on the sky.

Today, Meng Cejun invites you to "Explore the Secrets in the Dream of Cats"

Chapter 1: My kitten dreams

The posture in the sleeping dreams is strange.

Some cats do yoga, stretch, pumping legs, and difficult movements are effortless.

Other cats dance, and a Poping makes hip -hop teachers filming the case.

Brother DEI, have you heard the screams when the cat dreams at 3:30 in the afternoon?

Chapter 2: Does the kitten dream too?

Like people, kittens will dream.

For cats \ people, there are only two sleep stages: fast eye movement and non -fast eye sleep (Rem and NREM).

The most prominent feature of fast eye movement sleep is that the eyeball will rotate quickly, which is much faster than the light sleeping phase in the non -fast eye movement.Most dreams will occur in the fast -moving phase, and very few will occur in the non -fast eye stage.

The average cat sleeps for 16-18 hours a day, and about 30% of them are in the fast-moving sleeping stage.

The dreams at this stage are more fragmented, and the visual pictures in the dream are relatively small.As the cat grows up, the fast -moving sleeping stage is also decreasing, and the frequency of dreaming will decrease.

Chapter III: Since the cats dream, what do they dream of?

This question is not only curious now. As early as 1959, Professor Michel Jouvet did a series of experiments at Claude-Bernard University.

During the experiment, he destroyed the trial cat’s brain and stem (such behavior now seems very inhumane, but was allowed at the time), so that these cats could not control their bodies in their sleep, so what I dreamed of, the body did it, the body did it, and the body did it.The response will be completely displayed.

Some of these dreamy experiments can squat low, some claws are rampant, while others keep pouting.

In the second half of the last century, physiologist Michael Jouvet further explained some of cats’ behavior habits during their dreams.

When cats quickly kick their legs in sleep and look like running or walking, it means that they may appear related to "hunting" in their dreams; when cats appear "pouting the taste" during sleep,Actions, guessing their dreams may appear, related to "eating".

Another scholar Matthew Wilson (Brain and Cognitive Sciences of Mit) also shows that cat’s dream is similar to our dream -it is closely related to our daily life.

In other words, they are still very busy in the dreams, such as pushing your lipstick from the table, various claws for your sofa corner, and combing their hair over and over again, and occasionally eat a few canned food.Take a look at the window, go to the toilet, and stay again.

Chapter 4: Does the cat make nightmares?

For the answer to this question, there must be many answers to the shit officer who has raised a stray cat: there will be an answer: there will be nightmares!

In fact, cats who have experienced wandering, severe illness, abandonment, abuse, etc., will not sleep well for a long time. Occasionally they wake up from their dreams, and they are awakened by nightmares.

A program called "Kritter Klub" in South Korea tells a story called Dongzhi a cat and master: Dongzhi was taken home by the owner two years ago, and it was a stray cat before.It was particularly docile during the day, and suddenly attacked the owner at night, and the owner who was finally caught was full of blood.

Later, the program group found a cat behavior expert. After watching the video repeatedly, when I found that Dongzhi was in a crazy, his eyes blinked quickly (there was science in front of it ~), indicating that it was actually dreaming.

Some experiences before the adoption of East Vegetarian vegetation.

It turned out that it was born in a tattered foam box.Moreover, Dongzhi is the weakest body among the small milk cats in the same nest.The cat’s mother took away all the children after being repeatedly expelled, and after moving, she only left Dongzhi.

Therefore, Dongzhi experienced wandering, being driven, frozen and hungry until he was discovered by the current owner.

At the end of the story, Dongzhi gradually became docile under the careful care and care of the psychologist and the current owner, and the frequency of nightmares was gradually decreasing.

So if your cat has only a stray cat before, it was adopted.I hope you can cherish them well.Because the days of wandering and abandonment are a painful memory, you need to soothe them with patience and love to feel warm and peaceful.

In fact, the cat’s nightmare, in addition to being closely related to the bad experience before, if the cats have encountered something that makes them feel stressed during the day, such as being scared by the sudden appearance, you hit it during the day and scolded it during the day.It is also reflected in dreams.

But unlike people, cats and dogs’ dreams are simple arrangements based on realistic experience, and they cannot stitch overly complex elements together.Moreover, there are not things that have not been seen in daily life in their dreams.

In their dreams, in any case, you are one of the most common characters.

They have a happy or unpleasant time with you in their dreams, depending on what kind of memory do you create for them during every day, and your love can make all nightmares have no trace.

So, if your cat suddenly wakes up when you sleep, when you walk slowly towards you to nestle, gently shout their names and touch them.Whether it was a nightmare or a dream in the previous second, the cat will become happy at first glance!

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Meng Claw Jun:

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