What do girls prepare for pregnancy?

What do girls prepare for pregnancy? During pregnancy, both parents will get pregnant in advance.During pregnancy, there are a lot of things to pay attention to, such as light diet and prohibiting smoking and drinking. These all require a good cooperation between parents.What can expectant mothers eat during pregnancy? What is good for your health?

What do girls prepare for pregnancy?

Women can eat black beans before pregnancy.Black beans can supplement estrogen.We can prepare some dried black beans, soak in the water for 12 hours, and then boil it a little salt.From the first day after menstruation, take 47 pieces a day and take 6 days in a row.Women with kidney deficiency are recommended to take 40-50 capsules a day.

Ejiao dates are more suitable for women with blood and blood deficiency, which can treat problems such as less menstrual flow, abnormal color, dizziness, cold hands and feet.Because lack of qi and blood can also affect conception.Before pregnancy, we can scoop a spoon every day, put it in a cup, and pour it into hot water.You can drink all day in the office.

The ginger water in Hongtang can warm the palace.Cold women can prepare 250 grams of brown sugar and 150 grams of ginger.First chop the ginger, then put it in the water for half an hour, and then divide it into 7 copies.From the next day after menstruation, I insisted on drinking this week and drinking on an empty stomach every morning.Can’t have sex within 7 days.Tang Hongjiang water is not suitable for drinking during menstruation, so as not to increase menstrual flow.Suitable for women with physical cold, physical weaknesses, and palace cold.Women with hot body should eat according to the situation.

Supplementing folic acid, folic acid deficiency will cause fetal malformations, even hydatids, neurotomy defects, etc., And can also cause giant cytosyous anemia.In the first half of pregnancy and early pregnancy, especially women who have had malformed children, supplement folic acid or eat more liver, green leafy vegetables, grains, peanuts, beans, etc.Can effectively prevent fetal malformations.

Increasing vitamin intake, vitamins are not necessary for the growth and development of the human body, but also for maintaining normal reproductive function.If the human body lacks vitamins, the same situation will occur.For example, it is not easy to get pregnant, and fetal defects are prone to occur after pregnancy: bone development, weak resistance, anemia, edema, skin diseases, neuritis, etc.There may also be miscarriage, premature birth, death, or affecting uterine contraction, causing dystocia.Therefore, before pregnancy, you must consciously supplement various vitamins, eat more meat, milk, eggs, liver, vegetables, fruits, etc.

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