What do I do if my boyfriend has no money? What should I do if I get pregnant first?

Q: Stealing the girlfriend’s chat history and found that the big secrets, will you check your partner mobile phone?

A: The current communication equipment brings extremely convenience to people.On the other hand, it will also become the fuse of a hidden danger.Like you said, the man accidentally saw the text message received by the people’s mobile phone: "Tonight, the old place. I opened the house." What would I think after reading it?Maybe he was smoking.I wore a green hat myself more than once.

No wonder, the mobile phones and computers are all taboo products.Except for yourself, you must not touch anyone.

Don’t say anything, nothing can be said to others.After all, it is a private item, and there is no law that can be shared with the other half.What are the rest?The loyalty of each other and trust each other.If it was me, I would not peek at each other’s mobile phone.Why?I have confidence.

Q: After talking about the spare tire for two years, I suddenly had a boyfriend, should I take it back?

A: Hey, you are really embarrassed to say.You have been for two years for two years. Can’t your youth be delayed by you?Moreover, you didn’t take them seriously.Since you don’t pay attention to her and look down on her, why not "release" others?

It’s good now, they have found a boyfriend.You should congratulate her, why do you have to think about it.It can be seen that you don’t feel reluctant because you love her.Instead, I was unwilling to lose the other party so I wanted to take her back.You can’t be like this, not kind.

And I also advise women that since men have not recognized you, they just treat you as a spare tire.You are still waiting for two years, not worth it.Hurry to find your own happiness and leave this man who doesn’t love you!

Q: I do n’t have any money for my boyfriend. What should I do if I get pregnant first?

A: I think money has a certain role in love.But it is not necessarily the only indicator.Therefore, don’t emphasize the problem of "money" first.

Then, your unmarried pregnancy first.Be so careful, did you think of this serious consequences when you were intimate?There are only these two roads in front of you: First, get married and give birth to the child.Second, do not get married and remove the child.It is one of them to remove children. This is one of them.Second, how much harm to your own body is.Have you thought about it?

And, what should I do if there is no money now?Do you have money?You have no money.So what about this child?Even if you are an adult, there is no consciousness.I feel sad for you.

If you don’t plan to get married, the child is sure not to make a decision as soon as possible.It is more troublesome for you to induce labor in three months.Borrow money without money, what else can I do.

Q: Use with caution!Which tricks to pursue girls are annoying?

A: I am a woman, I can only analyze this problem from my perspective.

First of all: What is the purpose of a man, what is the purpose of chasing a girl?If you like this woman -you chase, it doesn’t matter.The point is whether the other party accepts it.But if you are just romantic and happy, then it is wrong to chase.I also hope that you can’t catch up.

Second: What kind of mode of getting along with this "sister"?Did you do your homework?Then, the right medicine is right.But still the saying: Hope, your pursuit is because he loves this girl.But if you have exhausted all your body magic weapon, there is no way to please the other person’s heart.I suggest you stop here.Maybe, without fate, there is really no fate.Why, do you have to pursue success.Study, the gesture will be ugly.

Q: Is the one who is waiting for you to go to get out of class, is still waiting for you to get off work?

A: Jay Chou’s new song, I heard that many people were crying.For example: The girl who was waiting for get out of class only when she grew up and found that she missed it at the beginning.For example: the boy who waited for girls to go to get out of class, maybe the girlfriend around him was not the former.I don’t know, is she good now?

Of course, these people are even more lucky: when studying, boys and other girls will get out of class.When working, men and women are off work.Then, holding hands and going home happily.

But in fact, it may change people.The one who is waiting for you to go to get out of class is not the same person who is waiting for you to get off work. You are not the same person when you wait for her to wait for her to get off work.It doesn’t matter, I just hope that everyone who cherishes love can have happiness.Before the first love, it is more about the end.No way, I didn’t know how to love someone at that time.

Q: Should I hold back the impulse to divorce for children who have just been three months?

A: Actually, I don’t quite understand your thoughts: You are not with this husband, it seems that it is not a matter of overnight.So, didn’t you find before you got married?Didn’t find it before pregnancy?Didn’t find it in the early stages of pregnancy?You have to wait for the child to be cooked. After three months, you said that you can’t go on to divorce?Do you have some postpartum depression?This cannot be excluded.

I think you feel that you can’t go through for a minute now -the biggest reason is this child?The birth of the child broke the comfort of the two worlds before.The growth of this child will spend your efforts, time, and money.Then we must work together to live in the best family environment.

You should not rush to divorce now, but you have to think about it: For children, can you make changes.It’s really not possible, let’s leave.In such a family atmosphere, children are also alive and depressed.

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