What do women experience during pregnancy?Men, go and see!Are you worthy of her?

A woman’s life will go through a lot, the most important point is pregnancy and child.Pregnancy is the most memorable thing for women. For most women, pregnancy is happy, but it is also painful. How much can they understand whether they are happiness or pain?Here, let’s take a look at what women have experienced during pregnancy. After reading, think about whether you are worthy of your wife as your husband.

Early pregnancy

When they first discovered that they were pregnant, most women would have emotions such as happiness, nervousness, and fear. They were happy because they and her husband finally had the crystallization of love. The nervousness was because of the first pregnancy. I don’t know what will happen next.And fear is because of fear of suffering during pregnancy.At the same time, after knowing that she is pregnant, women will become extremely cautious. It seems that everything around them will hurt themselves and the fetus in the belly.It is easy to occur in the occurrence of neurasthenia or excessive mental fatigue.

In addition, there are some changes in the body, especially after three months of pregnancy, the abdomen gradually becomes larger.Imagine your original flat belly. In just one month, suddenly bulging, although not to tear the skin of your abdomen, but itchyYou can feel it.And as your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, it will feel more uncomfortable in action, sleep, and so on.

Mid -pregnancy

In the second trimester, his abdomen has been obviously bulging. At this time, you will become more scared, and you will be more cautious to do things. Even if you do n’t take a step, you will see if you have something under your feet.When there is a person around you passing by, he will stare carefully at the other person, for fear that the other person will knock himself down.When there is any sound around you, he will also worry about whether it will disturb the fetus in his belly, so during this time, he will become very anxious, so that his temper is getting bigger and bigger.If the husband and family are more reasonable, if the family does not understand himself, then his emotions will only become more and more depressed.

At the same time, in the middle of pregnancy, because my abdomen became significantly larger and the weight increased a lot, my actions would be very inconvenient during this time. I would feel tired if I didn’t take a few steps.There is a feeling of sore legs and feet.And when I go to bed every night, it seems that it is uncomfortable no matter how you sleep, so that you ca n’t sleep well every night. For a long time, your physical condition will become weaker and weaker.

Late pregnancy

In the late pregnancy, his abdomen bulge was too big, and he didn’t dare to see it. It seemed that it would explode a little bit.At the same time, his skin has become more and more dull, so he dare not make up, so that he becomes more and more stingy, and he no longer cares about his image at all.And a woman who lost her beautiful woman was completely unattractive in her husband’s eyes, and her husband’s attitude towards herself also changed the subtle way.This makes your emotions worse, and negative emotions such as anxiety, panic, nervousness, etc. continue to appear, but for the sake of children, you must constantly suppress these negative emotions in your heart.

In this period of time, the body has the most pain. In addition to being able to withstand its own weight, leading to the more sore legs.There are some problems with the digestive system and the urinary system during this time, so that you dare not work too hard when you cough or sneeze, otherwise there will be very embarrassing things.This is a torture for your body and psychology.

Of course, the most painful thing is the pain during childbirth, the pain before childbirth and the pain defined as "level 12" during childbirth.The embarrassment that appeared during childbirth was unimaginable as a man.

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