What do you deal with the "pubic pain" that can’t hide during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a long and expected process. I look forward to the advent of the baby, and there are always a variety of discomfort during the long pregnancy "torture" the pregnant mother!

Xiao Yu, a cousin who was pregnant for more than 7 months, called and complained: "Sister, what should I do? It’s really not easy to be pregnant. During this time, I can’t take care of myself!Uncomfortable, either back pain or pain pain. Even walking and going upstairs will hurt. I really don’t know if I can still cook until the day of production! "

For pregnant mothers who are experiencing pregnancy, this is definitely the most authentic portrayal of life during pregnancy!

In fact, during pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will secrete a relaxation, which will separate our pubic bone combination, which can allow children to smoothly pass the pelvis and facilitate childbirth.But if the pubic bone is too relaxed, it will cause the pregnant mother to have pubic pain.With the progress of pregnancy, if the fetus is overweight, it will also aggravate the pain of the pubic bone, so the pain of the pubic bone is indeed a patient process for pregnant mothers!The discomfort of the pubic bone combination of pain may extend to the back, pelvis, perineum, thighs or calf.

The pain in the third trimester is so painful, these methods help relieve pubic pain!


1. Avoid sitting for a long time and standing for a long time.Proper exercise during pregnancy is very necessary for production in the third trimester, but pregnant mothers must avoid discomfort caused by sedentary and long standing.

2. Use a pregnant woman to hold the belt.Pregnant mothers with pubic pain can choose the stress that the abdomen of pregnant women can help reduce the pubic bone.

3. Use a hard mattress.Do not sleep in a soft bed during pregnancy. In addition, you can put a small pillow between your legs while sleeping to avoid the waist sinking when you sleep, and increase the pubic bone weight.

It is necessary to remind pregnant mothers that pubic pain is more common in the third trimester, and pregnant mothers must be checked on time!Regarding physical pain, although the symptoms are similar, they still have personalized problems. If the pain continues, it needs to be checked and treated in time!

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