What does it feel like after a section?After reading it, you may understand

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The pain at the time of labor has always made pregnant mothers feel fear. Fortunately, with the continuous development and use of labor and analgesic technology, it has greatly relieved the pain of giving birth.

Although surgical anesthesia is very common, the anesthesia method used during giving birth is to make many pregnant mothers restless, and the agreement that need to be signed before the operation has also added a little worry to the family.Is anesthesia terrible during cesarean section?What does it feel?Let’s take a look together.

Listen to the reflection of Bao Ma after experiencing a nattic drug:

Mu Bao daughter -in -law: I am a cesarean section.I don’t think the ureter hurts.The anesthetic bottle I hit and then hit it from the bottle.I did n’t hit the spine.Is it said that it was not made of delivery?But it is troublesome after a cesarean section.EssenceThe two did not dare to walk straight for three days.Maybe I am too aggressive?

Fat sister, her mother: It is not painful to use anesthetic, but the time for postoperative hemp medicine recovery is uncomfortable, and it takes about 8 hours to recover. At that time, the feeling of numbness was the most uncomfortable.If you dare not move, the knife mouth is very painful.

My little moon: I have performed a ring of strain in the early pregnancy. The spine is semi -numb at all. It may be that the medical is developed now. I feel that it will be over. There is no back pain afterwards.

刚: I just finished cutting, the pain was just, I felt pain when I cut it, and then I added a milliliter medicine on the way. The whole process was awake and scared!After surgery, you have to press the wound. The pain of life is not as good as death. It is advised you to give birth and recover quickly.

Looking forward to Baby Ding: I was born in a caesarean section in February. The operating room was too cold, and I was very scared!During the operation, the shoulder feels the pain that is split, which hurts!It is estimated that the operating room is too cold and the wind blows!The nurse inside pinched me!At the moment of the child’s cut, I was really uncomfortable, so I glanced at the child and didn’t look carefully!The operating room was shaking!My cousin said that my lips were purple!

Yang Yang’s Ma Ma: I didn’t feel it when I was cut, and I felt that someone was dragged, but I went back to the ward and trembled. The doctor said that because of anesthesia, just massage and massage.

Three major anesthesia methods for caesarean section:

The first: whole body anesthesia

This method is rarely used in general surgery, and there are very few in pregnancy surgery.

The second: spine anesthesia

Generally, it only takes 5 minutes. The anesthesia effect lasts 2-3 hours. It is the preferred cesarean section anesthesia method.

Third type: Extractional anesthesia

The difference between this method is mainly different from the position of the cervical anesthesia. The anesthetic is spread through the conduction of the duct. Therefore, it takes about 20 minutes, and the amount of anesthetic is more.

After the maternal is beaten to the anesthesia needle, these three feelings may appear:

1. The entire delivery process is completely unknown

2. Like dreaming

3. The effect of anesthesia is not obvious

Although the maternal of the first two feelings does not need to suffer any crime, after the anesthetic is retired, the pain caused by the wound is not to be tolerated by ordinary people.Women have a lot of sins for giving birth. If the husband can give his wife more care and help, the wife will feel very pleased, and it is worth it.

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