What does the mysterious dream before death mean?

Whether it is aging, malignant tumors, or rare neurological diseases, it may mean that life is about to end.In the next few months, weeks, or days, death will become a fact.But during this period before death, some extraordinary things may happen.

For a person to end, he/she may wake up one morning and recall the most vivid dream he just made.Everything in the dream is like this is true.He/she may see the long -lost mother, or a friend who died of illness a few years ago, may also be a child who has already died.

In fact, this person may not fall asleep at all; on the contrary, these strange illusions are likely to appear during the day, just when relatives and friends visit or nurses come to register.Regardless of the environment, this experience is positive and meaningful.He/she may have experienced a love -related encounter in his dreams, or it may be an end to a life experience, reconcile with his opponent, and forgive those who have tortured himself.

For many centuries, dying people and their relatives have described a large number of illusion and dreams that appear on the verge of death. They have also become a part of rumors and legends, which are widely circulated in folk culture.But recently, some new things have happened: the scientific community has finally started research on dying dreams.

In recent years, researchers have found this phenomenon record in several different cultures.For example, Japanese researchers conducted a survey on their relatives of the dead cancer patients, showing that more than 20%of family members claimed that the deceased had a special dream or illusion before his death.In India, a study of the relatives of the deceased showed that 30%of the downsomers had such experience.In a survey of Moldova, this proportion is close to 40%.

Death is not just an enemy

Christopher Kell, who is the end of care and palliative treatment center of Water Cattle City, is a young cardiac scholarship. He studied the dream before his death.The ending care center is a place for the person who is about to die.The medical staff who work there are not to save their lives. On the contrary, they hope to help them go to the end of life by soothe and support patients.

As a doctor, Kell once thought that his duty was fighting at all costs at all costs."Like many doctors, I have never thought that death may be more than just an enemy," Kell wrote in the book "Deh is But A Dream" published in his 2020 book.

However, the work of the Ending Care Center of Bull City changed the view of the young doctor on death; he also realized that some things that happened before the real arrival of death had unexpected value.

Invisible babies

A very special incident aroused Christopher Kell’s curiosity about dreams and illusions before dying.

The 72 -year -old Mary was one of the first patients of Kell’s first care center in the Cuffs City.One day, many family members of Mary came to the hospital to accompany her together, and the young Kerr was also present.He wrote in the book that Mary began to shake her arms, as if holding an invisible baby in her arms.She kissed and stroked the baby she called "Danny", looking very calm and full of happiness.

However, the people present were deeply confused.Is this an illusion?Or does it respond to drugs?No one knows this child named Danny.It was not until the next day, when Mary’s sister came over, the mystery was unlocked.According to her, "Danny" was the earliest child in Mary, but she was born in her abdomen, and then she gave birth to other children.This incident made Mary very sad, but she never told her family.

Significance to the end of the person

Kell quickly realized that what Mary experienced in the bed was not alone.The staff at the end of the Care Center said that many of their patients had special dreams and illusions before their dying.

In the end, Kell saw many downs who had experienced these experiences, and their description aroused his interest.What are these strange events?For many patients, these incidents have a profound significance, but why did not mention these in textbooks?

Kell began to review the research literature, but there was almost no reliable information.Existing research is often based on a single incident, or the description of doctors and nurses, not the patients themselves.In many surveys, researchers are more interested in explaining this phenomenon based on their beliefs.

For super psychologists, these dreams are evidence of ghosts or life; Freud School believes that they are expressing their desire to be suppressed; and from the theologians, these dreams suggest that God’s existence.

Kell is not interested in evidence of God or Freud theory.What he wants to know is how these patients experience this phenomenon?What does these dreams mean to them?What is the connection with welcome death?At this time, Kell’s only thing was: study this subject in person.

Twenty years later, Kell and his colleagues have published a series of research papers on dying dreams and illusion.The basis of these papers is an interview with the last few months, weeks, and a few days in the last few months, weeks, and a few days.Studies show that this phenomenon is very common.

A study in 2014 concluded that most of the dying people have at least one special dream experience, or at least once experienced a very vivid illusion.Half of them experienced this experience while sleeping, and the rest saw the illusion when they woke up.

Many dreams involve friends or family members who are dead or living, and sometimes involve pets.The closer to death, the more often the death of relatives and friends in their dreams, and this kind of meeting seems to be more comfortable than the dream who is a healthy person or other events.In many cases, the end of the dying experience the comfort and peace provided by these dreams, or to reconcile with some difficult experiences in life through dreams, and even obtain calmness and peace when they face death.

However, death does not always show people with a gentle look, and dreams and illusions can not always bring liberation and comfort. Among the patients studying, up to 18%of the dreamers are essentially painful.

Relieve sadness

Although some dazzling dreams have an disturbing nature, a study in 2020 shows that patients with such special dreams often experience after trauma, and feel more powerful and more powerful after finishing dreams.

Studies also show that the dreams of dying will also affect their relatives.If the dying person has a beautiful dream and illusion, for their family and friends, the sad mood will be alleviated.However, if the dying person has some strange dreams, the attitude of the relatives and friends seems to be different.In this case, many dying people are not willing to talk about their illusion.

They are afraid to be considered a lunatic and dare not share their experiences, even if they are with the people they love -usually this is original.Few people know that this phenomenon is actually very common, so if you tell others that you can see something that do not exist, not many people may understand.

Kell and his colleagues believe that this may be a problem.A study published in 2021 shows that the positive attitude towards dreams and illusions is closely related to the sorrow and their families.No matter what these dreams are, they seem to belong to the basic ability of humans to help them at the last moment.If we hide and ignore this phenomenon, it is actually a waste of the most difficult tools that can handle and tolerate the most difficult events in life.

Contact with delirium and mental chaos

Does other researchers pay attention to these phenomena?Did they realize these strange dreams made by the dying?On the surface, there seems to be no other researchers studying this topic.Some people also associate this phenomenon with the delirium (unclear and incoherent words).Maybe this is the problem.Deads are very common in the final stage of severe diseases and life. At this time, the patient’s brain failure has entered a state of chaos.

In Kel’s dream research, adulthood patients can also see illusion.Then, do doctors and nurses just see the strange dreams of these patients as a state of delirium or chaos.

How should we distinguish the dreams and illusions of delirium and dying?Kel, who has studied both phenomena, believes that the two have a significant difference.Unlike delirium, dreams and illusions are organized, meaningful, and usually positive, while delirium rarely is considered positive.On the contrary, it is often disturbing and fearful.

The dying person may see ghosts and monsters, or believe that they are poisoned or attacked by swords; they do not know where they are, and they will even fight with doctors who want to give them medicine.Other dying people may not have so many actions, so they were not discovered.After these experiences, they may not dare to tell doctors or family members.

Dying experience

Some patients who have experienced cardiac arrest from death -such as the wake -up patients tell their deep experience in theory when they died.This experience is called a dying experience.The dying experience of the dying experience is not the same as the death of Kell’s research.However, there are indeed many similarities in these two phenomena.

Both the dying experience and the end of the dream can occur in a state of conscious and unconscious.They are usually related to the late acquaintances, and for patients, these two experiences seem to have deep significance.

Undergraduate value

Researchers firmly believe that they should talk about their experiences more with the end of dying -whether it is negative or positive, these experiences have been underestimated to the value of patients and family members.It is a bit taboo to talk about a topic close to spirituality and existentialism.But it is important to treat these experiences as resources.

If you are willing to open up your mind, people will tell you many very different stories, and talk about this topic can create a very good atmosphere, which is also the starting point for a happy dialogue with patients with severe illnesses.Unfortunately, this dimension is not fully reflected in the consultation between doctors and patients.

Many patients are about existentialism. They need to talk about these issues. Regardless of whether they have religious beliefs, people do not pay enough attention.

Patients who lack enough attention

There are several reasons to explain why they rarely mention experiences such as dreams and illusions in dialogue between doctors and patients.

First of all, many doctors may not be willing to deal with any issues related to the patient’s soul life and spirituality.Another more common problem is that the medical community itself does not care enough about patients: the focus of medical research and treatment is cancer tumors, not patients with tumors.

On the boundary of science

What is hidden behind these experiences?Is these dreams a more advanced dying experience, or is it part of the more common experience before dying?

Comparing the description of the two in different cultures is also very interesting. Whether humans have a universal and basic dying experience, and how to explain these experiences based on their own personality and culture.

However, when we involve the deepest question of death, we are unlikely to find any answers.Kell also stopped at this key node.He acknowledged that as a lecturer, he sometimes tried to escape from the podium, because he was worried that someone in the audience would ask a question that was always raised: What do you think of this?

He has no answer.He wrote in his book: "I can’t start speculating about the life, and this is what many people really want to let me talk about."

However, Kell believes that one thing is certain, that is, the process of death is more important than what happened later.During the time before the arrival, it was very interesting, not just a precursor to other things. Death was not just the pain we observed or experienced.

In the tragedy, there will also be some meaningful processes to patients.When the body function declines, the spirit may become keen. They experience a sense of connection and belonging, which may mean that the best part of life will never really lose.

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