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Recently, I saw a message from the backstage. I found that many sisters had a lot of questions about leucorrhea. Even if I published an article "What is a healthy leucorrhea?", There are still many sisters encounter different situations.

Especially in the color of leucorrhea, because the color changes can be discovered intuitively, it is easier to cause anxiety, such as the following situations:

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In order to alleviate everyone’s "leucorrhea anxiety", we invite aunt Weng, aunt, and gynecologist to give us doubts!

Hello everyone, I am Aunt Weng.First of all, take you to understand what women’s normal leucorrhea should be like.

What is normal leucorrhea?

Leucorrhea is a mixture secreted by women’s reproductive tract. Its traits and secretions will change from changes in hormones in the body.As the follicles grow, the level of estrogen increases, and the secretion of Yin tract secretions gradually increases.After menstruation is clean, there is almost no secretion, and when the level of estrogen reaches the peak value, the amount of secretions reaches the most. The texture becomes thin, transparent, and elastic.

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After about three or four days, with the gradual increase of progesterone after ovulation, the two female pregnancy hormones in the body reaches the peak of ovulation. The progesterone can make the leucorrhea texture thicker, turbid, and brushed, and it is white.

Such leucorrhea will last for about one to two weeks until Yin bleeds and menstruation is tide.

The abnormal situation of leucorrhea

The abnormality of leucorrhea can be manifested as abnormal color, abnormal odor, abnormal traits, abnormal quantity, and so on.

Today we will talk about the color abnormal.

Lands yellow, green or purulent: inflammation, infection

The most common color abnormal is that the leucorrhea is yellow.

Trichomonas Yin Taoitis often causes leucorrhea to become yellow or yellow -green, pus, and often accompanies the increase in secretions with foam and odor.The purulent properties are mainly because the secretion contains white blood cells, and it appears yellow -green when it is combined with other infections. The oxygen of the wrapped decomposition of carbohydrates produces rotten gas.In addition, there will be symptoms of vulvar itching or burning and sexual intercourse pain.

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Bacterial Yin Taoitis can cause white, uniform and thin secretions, with fishy smell; the secretions of moldy Yin Taoitis are white bean dregs or condensed milk.

In addition, gonococcus infection can also cause increased Yin purulent secretions.In addition to changes in the secretions, the infection of the infection of gonorrhea can also cause the manifestation of pelvic inflammation such as fallopian tube inflammation, endometritis inflammation, and often accompanied by the symptoms of urethritis and vestibular adenitis.Doing secretions can often distinguish the specific type of infection.

Because part of the leucorrhea is also derived from the cervix, when the cervix appears, it will also affect the color of the leucorrhea.Cervical acute and chronic inflammation can cause viscosity, large amount, purulent, yellow yellow, etc. In addition to changes in color, sometimes it can also cause bleeding during menstrual periods or after the same room.

The secretions mentioned above are changed to relatively common situations. In fact, in fact, mixed infected Yin Taoitis is often encountered clinically.clear.

Therefore, if the secretion is abnormal or the vulva itching, it is the best way to check for examination in time.

Pink, brown, brown leucorrhea: bleeding

Another common leucorrhea abnormality is that blood in the leucorrhea is mixed with blood.

When the amount of bleeding is small, light powder secretions or brown secretions often present.The bleeding from any part of the reproductive tract out of the Yin channel will cause abnormal secretion color, that is, mixed with blood.

The main causes of bleeding are the following:

Yin Tao bleeding: This situation is relatively rare.YIN Dao ulcers or Yin -di inflammation can cause Yin’s mucosal surface bleeding. In this case, you can see the bleeding site through gynecological examinations, so you should see it in time.

Cervical lesions: Cervical acute and chronic inflammation (such as cervical polyps or cylindrical epithelium, etc.) cause cervical congestion and edema, crispy mucous membrane, and cause a small amount of bleeding when violent activities or in the same room.The most common manifestation of cervical cancer is contact bleeding after sexual life or gynecological examination. Sometimes it is accompanied by the increase in YIN ducts or the secretion.

However, gynecological examinations often cannot clearly clarify the level of lesions. TCT+HPV and tissue biopsy can be done to screen for lesions.

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In the fourth problem, pustules in leucorrhea are not a precursor to cervical cancer, but if the same room bleeding occurs, it should cause vigilance.Therefore, condoms are the contraceptive methods we recommend. Correct use can not only have the effect of contraception, but also reduce the chance of transmitting diseases and HPV virus infection to a certain extent.

Want to check cervical cancer, color Doppler ultrasound, urine examination, and leucorrhea routine, including doctors’ naked eye observation does not play a role in screening. The correct thing is to do HPV+TCT examination.

Endocrine -related bleeding: The regularity of women’s menstruation is regulated by hormones. Disordinate bleeding occurs when the endocrine state is disordered, such as high work pressure, mental tension or excessive fatigue, and even replacing the living environment. These external factors are replaced.It may interfere with the state of endocrine, which causes some abnormal bleeding.

In the second question, every time the bleeding appears when the body is particularly tired, this factor must be considered.Bleeding caused by hormone fluctuations, we call functional bleeding. Before diagnosis of functional bleeding, we must eliminate organic diseases.

Yin bleeding during pregnancy: The problem of Yin duct during pregnancy during the three miles of pregnancy should be paid special attention. In addition to the above points, special points are also related to pregnancy. For example, bleeding in the early pregnancy needs to be vigilant.abnormal.

I remember that I had encountered such a case of early pregnancy protection in clinical practice: pregnant women had a medical history of natural miscarriage, and I was particularly careful after pregnancy. I found a doctor immediately after bleeding.Normally, the progesterone is slightly lower, so the treatment of fetal protection can be started. Although there are not many bleeding during the treatment, it is always intermittent and unclean, and it is not stopped until the middle of pregnancy does not stop.

Finally, under the insistence of the doctor, he finally agreed to do a gynecological examination. As a result, the cervical broad bean -sized polyp was the "culprit" of bleeding. After knowing that it was not the bleeding of the gytence, he regretted taking so many medicines.

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For women who bleed during pregnancy, it is recommended to see a doctor in time, and at the same time do gynecological examinations to clarify the source of bleeding and then conduct relevant examination and treatment.

Many pregnant mothers will worry about whether gynecological examinations will affect embryos and cause miscarriage. In fact, don’t worry, simply opening up the risk of abortion at the naked eye observation.

Odomic leucorrhea, how to judge whether to go to the hospital?

Abnormal leucorrhea colors may be the most common problem that plagues girls. Do all color changes need to be paid attention to?

First of all, abnormal bleeding must pay attention to, especially the bleeding after the same room, and the clear part of the bleeding is the first step.Along with symptoms (such as itching and pain, odor, etc.), it also needs to be checked in time.

If it is only yellow in color and without abnormal symptoms, we can temporarily observe that it may be bad hygiene habits or the manifestations of chronic cervicitis, strengthen vulva care, change panties, and regularly check the cervix.

It is not recommended to use suppository or Yin Road at will. Yin has the function of "self -cleaning". Artificial intervention may destroy the original stable environment. After using the suppository, it will also make the subsequent inspection results inaccurate or the symptoms are not typical.It brings difficulties to diagnosis.

This is about the problem of abnormal leucorrhea color. You can collect it in the following form for easy consultation!

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