What else do you need to pay attention to if you need to replenish folic acid, quit smoking and alcohol, and exercise more?

With the development of the times, people’s concepts of eugenics have become stronger and stronger, and scientific preparation preparations have entered people’s vision.Many people think that the preparation of pregnancy is nothing more than supplement folic acid, quit smoking, drinking, and exercise more, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, many preparations before pregnancy are important for women.However, in these aspects, we can give birth to a healthy baby, especially women with the best age group of pregnancy, and we must understand the precautions for preparation during pregnancy.

First, reasonable exercise

During the pregnancy preparation period, reasonable exercise can ensure that physical health can help pregnancy, because exercise can promote hormone balance in the body, improve the survival rate of eggs, be more conducive to pregnancy, and improve the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant mothers and prevent pregnancy diabetes.

Second, don’t be too nervous

Many women are easily anxious during pregnancy preparation, which will affect the quality of eggs and cause pregnancy difficulties. Therefore, women need to relax and adjust their psychological state.It is generally recommended to relax yourself before going to bed, which is very important to relieve nervous tension and can help women enter their sleep faster.

Third, vaccination pre -pregnancy vaccine

After pregnancy, the resistance will be at a very low level, and it will be vulnerable to the violation of bacteria and viruses. Some viruses will spread to the fetus through the placenta, causing the fetus to deform.Therefore, it is necessary to vaccinate some vaccines early. For example, influenza vaccine is recommended to be vaccinated around 3 months before pregnancy, as well as chickenpox vaccines, otherwise infection of chickenpox in the early stages of pregnancy may cause fetal congenital chickenpox or neonatal chickenpox.In particular, adequate infections in the third trimester are more serious. Once pneumonia is induced, it will affect the pregnant mother and the fetus. It is generally recommended to inject in 3 to 5 months before pregnancy.

Fourth, do not eat spicy and irritating, greasy food

In addition to the preparation of women during pregnancy, male friends should also pay more attention. Therefore, in order to improve sperm quality, diet must be light. Do not eat spicy irritation and greasy food to avoid arteriosclerosis, leading to poor blood circulation of the penis., Slow penis erection, decreased testosterone level, decreased sexual desire, sperm deformation and impotence.

Fifth, determine a scientific and reasonable diet plan

In order to have a healthier body before pregnancy, it is recommended to eat some cereals, soybeans, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, and oranges, lemon, etc.There are also vitamin A in carrots and amaranths that can well protect the respiratory tract mucosa and respiratory tract epithelium, resist viruses, and improve physical immunity.

Sixth, pre -pregnancy examination

It is necessary to do pre -pregnancy examinations 6 months before pregnancy to reduce the occurrence of fetal abnormalities, especially women who are old and have a history of abortion.Fillet detection, sex hormone testing, ovarian and uterine function tests, genetic tests, etc.Only by understanding the physical condition can we ensure that there is no problem during pregnancy.

The birth of each new life is not easy. There are many precautions in this process to understand that women need to go to bed early and get up early. Men need to quit smoking and alcohol. This is very important.In addition, female friends who like snacks should eat less snacks, eat more green vegetables and light diet.Of course, preparation is only the beginning of pregnancy, not the end. There are more precautions need to be understood during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

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