What examinations do you need to do before pregnancy?These 8 inspection items must be done

Now people pay more and more attention to eugenics. Before preparing for pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, so as to maximize a healthy and lovely baby. So what inspection items need to be done before pregnancy.

What inspection items need to be done before pregnancy?

1. A full set

The full set of deformed sets include bowworms, rubellas and giant cell viruses. More than 70%of women will infect rubella viruses. Infected in early pregnancy will cause fetal malformations or abortion. Earmark blood tests are required in the first three months of pregnancy.

2. Liver function

In addition to doing a full set of hepatitis B, it also includes projects such as blood sugar and gall acid.If the mother is a patient with hepatitis B, it may cause premature birth or hepatitis virus to be passed to the fetus through the placenta and the birth canal after pregnancy.Three months before pregnancy requires varicose blood test for examination.

3. Urine routine

Urine routine can diagnose kidney disease early. The 10 -month pregnancy will increase metabolism and increase the burden on the kidneys.Check urine three months before pregnancy, especially morning urine.

4. Oral examination

Most women have pain in their teeth after pregnancy, and they dare not take medicine to avoid affecting fetal development.As long as there is no problem with the teeth, wash your teeth regularly. If the teeth are severely damaged, tooth extraction must be extracted or related treatment.Make oral examination 6 months before pregnancy.

5. Gynecological endocrine

Gynecological endocrine includes luteal generating hormones, estradiol, and follicle hormones, which can be used to diagnose ovarian diseases such as irregular menstruation, suitable for women with irregular menstruation and infertility.

6. ABO hemolysis

ABO hemolysis includes blood type and ABO hemolysis, which can prevent the fetus from developing hemolysis.Three months before pregnancy requires venous blood drawing.Women’s blood types are O -type, and husbands are type A and B need to do this.In addition, the history of abortion is also required to do ABO hemolytic examination.

7, chromosomal abnormalities

Three months before pregnancy, all childcare couples with a family history of genetic diseases need to go to the hospital for chromosomal examination, mainly to check genetic diseases.

8. Reproductive system inspection

Women’s leucorrhea is regular screening to see if there are trichomonas, mycoplasma and chlamydia infection and mold.At the same time, you can also understand whether women have sexual transmission diseases such as vaginal inflammation, syphilis and gonorrhea.If you have the above diseases, you must be treated thoroughly, and then you will be pregnant to avoid causing fetal malformation, abortion or premature birth.

Kind tips:

If you want to have a healthy and cute baby, you must do the above 8 inspection items before preparing for pregnancy.Folic acid should be supplemented three months before pregnancy to prevent fetal nerve organs from malformation.Fully consume nutrients for the body, avoid picky food and partial eclipse, stay away from unnecessary ionizing radiation, and do not contact some chemical poisons.During this period, exercise more, avoid staying up late, and ensure that there is sufficient sleep, and to welcome healthy and cute children with strong physique.Keep positive and optimistic attitude and learn to reduce stress.

Source: Huashang Daily

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