What exercise is suitable for during pregnancy?How to exercise safer?

During pregnancy, the blood supply of the uterus and reproductive tract of pregnant mothers gradually increased. At this time, the exercise intensity and movement method were different from the early stages of pregnancy.

Before you start exercising, you can consult your doctor to follow the specific situation of your body, whether there are taboos or other precautions.In the early three stages of early pregnancy, in the middle and late stages, at least once discussed the "exercise" problem with the doctor.

Early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the amount of exercise in the early pregnancy can be relatively stronger when the body is uncomfortable, such as the most common jogging, swimming, and yoga.

In the middle and late pregnancy

In the middle and late pregnancy (after 14 weeks of pregnancy), it is necessary to reduce the intensity of exercise appropriately. It is recommended to carry out some relatively quiet activities, such as walking, yoga and swimming.

Because during exercise, the heart will supply the main blood to the organ and tissue of the movement, such as the corresponding muscles.Relatively speaking, the blood supply to the uterus will be reduced, resulting in the nutrition required for normal development of the fetus.

If it is a short time, it is okay, but if it is a long -term strenuous exercise, the fetus grows in the uterus and is limited, and even the risk of the fetal death palace.

Exercise time and frequency

The current evidence shows that it is recommended to perform medium -intensity exercise per week during pregnancy.

Medium -intensity exercise is usually a short breathing during exercise and after exercise. The breathing frequency increases, but it is not enough to affect the normal speech.If the amount of exercise is so high, the strength of this movement is very high.

Generally speaking, you can exercise 2 to 3 times a day, exercise for about 10 minutes each time, and then slowly increase.

Pay attention not to be too long.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended not to exceed one hour, especially when the temperature is high.The big -intensity movement will lead to dehydration of pregnant women and pregnant women, which has certain risks.


For pregnant mothers who usually do not exercise often, they should pay attention to gradual progress as much as possible to avoid damage.

For pregnant mothers who usually like sports, continue to exercise according to the usual exercise intensity, but you need to pay attention to the method of exercise.You can do swimming, yoga, etc.

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