What foods can pregnant mothers eat in a cold?These foods may make a cold better

Pregnant mothers have poor resistance and are most afraid of colds, because there are little babies in their stomachs, not suitable for medication, and they are afraid of harm to babies.But it has been a cold, runny nose and fever, and it is difficult for pregnant mothers.So, what can pregnant mothers eat to make a cold faster?

1. What foods can pregnant mothers eat for a cold?

1. As we all know, vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of vitamins and cellulose. These can improve the immunity of the human body and naturally have the effect of preventing colds.Pregnant mothers during pregnancy need to eat more fruits and fruits, because women who are pregnant during pregnancy have poor resistance.Especially radish, pear, kiwi, citrus, and various mushrooms.Among them, radish is rich in vitamin A, and pears are rich in vitamin B, C, D, etc. Like Apple, they are good for the body. Kiwi and citrus are rich in vitamin C. These have promoted the metabolism of the body.

2. We know the natural replenishment "chicken, fish and egg", and the chicken is ranked first.When pregnant mothers have a cold, they can also drink more chicken soup. Chicken soup is rich in nutrients, which can prevent colds and remove bacteria in the respiratory tract.So pregnant mothers should pay attention to drink more chicken soup.

2. What foods can pregnant mothers eat in a cold?

1. Crab is delicious, especially loved by people. It is a good product.However, the crab is cold and is not suitable for pregnant women, especially crab claws. It has the effect of abortion. It is naturally very unfavorable to the fetus, and it is not suitable for pregnant women who have colds.Moms who like to eat seafood also have to be avoided. Pay attention to these cold foods, which is not good for the fetus.

2. Tuanyu has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the kidneys, but it has a salty and cold taste, especially the abortion of tadpoles is stronger than crab meat, so it is not suitable for pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers should pay special attention to maintaining their bodies, because you are not alone, not only do you have to be healthy and healthy, but also pay attention to eating more supplements so that your children can get sufficient nutrition.If pregnant mothers accidentally caught a cold, what should I eat?Remember not to take care of the medical treatment, don’t take medicine blindly.Eat more vegetables, drink more chicken soup, and eat less cold food.Remember these, you will never be afraid of a cold, you can keep your cold away from you.

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