What happened to menstruation suddenly disappeared?How can I come back again?

According to her, Ms. Feng, 30, began to have a decrease in menstruation a year ago (two or three days was gone). At that time, the pressure of work was very high. She often stayed up late and worked overtime.

But in August, menstruation suddenly didn’t come, until she found me to see the consultation.

There are many patients with irregular menstruation as Ms. Feng in the outpatient clinic. Most of them are because of the height of mental tension. They often stay up late.

So what is secondary amenorrhea?

Secondary amenorrhea refers to the tide of menstruation with normal laws, because the menstrual body stopped for more than 6 months for some reason, or stopped by 3 or more cycles based on its original menstrual cycle.

Reasons for secondary amenorrhea must be went to the hospital to check six routine examinations such as hormone, B -ultrasound, and thyroid examination.

The formation of menstruation is mainly to regulate the hormones in women’s body, and the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis secretion function.

The hypothalamic gonadotonoplasses release hormones, which acts on the pituitary stimulation secretion of follicle stimulatory and lutein gocoin, and then publishes commands to the lower ovaries to produce stimulatory and progesterone.

The endometrium is performed, secretion, and falling to form menstruation under the action of estrogen.Therefore, any links during this period will cause menstrual disorders or not.

The sudden disappearance of menstruation may be related to these factors

Ovarian problems (premature aging, decline in function)

Ovarian is a female gland, and its existence is secretion of hormone (menstruation) and ovulation.

If it is abnormal hormone, it will cause irregular menstruation or amenorrhea. Common ovarian abnormal diseases include premature ovarian failure, ovarian cysts, chocolate cysts, etc., inhibit the secretion of normal estrogen.

Uterine problem

Menstruation is essentially a drop of endometrium (the thickness of the endometrium is crucial), and the endometrium exists in the uterus.

With the opening of people’s thoughts, it is very common to live together before marriage, and the flow of people has become a means of accidental pregnancy. Frequent uterine cavity surgery will cause the base layer to damage the base layer.The behavior of these damaged endometrium will directly affect the menstrual tide.

In addition, some infections (such as tuberculosis), radiotherapy, pelvic inflammatory diseases, etc. can also cause endometrial damage, and the uterine cavity adhesion is followed by amenorrhea.

Different endocrine function abnormalities

What is more common is the abolition of follicles secreted by the glandular gland and the decrease in lutein -promoting lutein. Estrogen cannot reach its peak, resulting in a reduction in menstruation.Liane.

There is also a problem with thyroid secretion that can cause pituitary amenorrhea. Some drugs such as antitumor drugs, excessive weight loss (sharp decrease in weight), and often eating hormone health products, which will affect the balance of endocrine and cause secondary amenorrhea.

What can I do to make menstruation back?

Women’s endocrine department is often seen by the establishment of an artificial cycle by supplementing estrogen hormones, so that "menstruation is returned".

Amenorrhea is a disease. Restore menstruation is only the first step. Finding the real cause can solve the problem from the root, especially the unprecedented women, which is inseparable from the ovulation of the ovary.

Of course, the reason is clear through the inspection, and then the symptomatic treatment is given according to the situation.

Premature ovarian failure can supplement the kidneys and nourish the kidney and nourish the liver; the polycystic ovary needs to adjust the lifestyle, control the weight, the qi, the stasis, and the kidney.Adjust the treatment depending on personal constitution and symptoms, varies from person to person.

The above sharing hopes to help everyone.

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